ITK SafePack® – Your Personal Safety Supervisor

„Standard-compliant development of safety-critical software doesn't have to be at the expense of speed and efficiency. Especially in strong interconnected projects, with a large number of people involved, ALM-Tools are suitable in order to gain efficiency and to guarantee standard-compliance. With ITK SafePack® we offer a solution, which guides the user intuitively through the complete software development process according to ISO 26262-6.”

Meet all requirements of ISO 26262-6

Especially in strong interconnected projects, with a large development scope and many people involved, ALM-Tools are suitable in order to guarantee traceability of test results from test case to implementation up to meeting all requirements during the development process. ITK SafePack®, a Polarion ALM-based solution, covers all requirements of the automotive software development process in one reference process. Due to integrated automatisms, which control status changes and sequences of process steps, ITK SafePack® is also suitable for users with little experience of the standard. For example safety requirements will only be shown as “verified” after the implementation and the successful accompanied test case. Therefore process deviations will be visualized.



Individually adaptable

Not only Safety Manager can use ITK SafePack® for a standard-compliant development and quality assurance, but also the whole team will benefit from the tool-based visualization of the fulfilled standard requirements in the software development process. With the automated generation of documents the effort will be significantly reduced and additionally the uniform formatting of the documents will be guaranteed. ITK SafePack® is adjustable to your individual company and project requirements.

Key Features of ITK SafePack®

  • Complete Integration in Polarion® ALM
  • Requirements Coverage  for  the Software Automotive Development Process According to ISO 26262-6
  • Special Polarion® Work-Items Included for all Standards Requirements of ISO 26262-6 Including Links with Pre-Defined Safety-Documents and Tasks
  • Coverage for the Required Supporting Processes According to ISO 26262:

    • Requirements Management
    • Configurations Management
    • Change Management
    • Documents Management
    • Verification

  • Automated Generation of Required Documents Through Customizable Document Masters
  • Complete Adaptation to Organization and Project-Specific Requirements
  • Support for the Following Roles in Development:

    • Software Safety Manager
    • Software Design Architect 
    • Software Developer Unit
    • Software Tester Unit
    • Software Tester Integration

Our Service

Functional safety for your software development process

During the introduction of ISO 26262-6 in your software development process our safety-experts analyze your process and develop all necessary measurements for a standard-compliant development. Our aim is to integrate the norm into your processes not the other way around. You will benefit from our wealth of experience with the roll-out of standards in company of different sizes and from our continuous committee work. In order to familiarize your whole project team with the standard, the participants will get an extended overview in the development of safety-critical software according to ISO 26262 in our functional safety seminar.

Steps to introduce functional safety and ITK SafePack® into your software development process:

Kick-Off Workshop

  • Project Plan: Approach and Timeline
  • Clarification of technical and organizational conditions


  • Process Analysis (Safety and ALM)
  • Gap Analysis
  • Role Distribution


  • Methods
  • Processes

ITK SafePack™ Fundamentals

  • Implementation of ISO 26262-6 in ITK SafePack®
  • ITK SafePack® in Polarion ALM


  • ITK SafePack® Adaptation According to your Development Process
  • Integration of Standards into your Existing Processes


  • Implementation of ITK SafePack® into Your Working Environment
  • First Project Data Integration

Standard-Conformity Development

  • Qualification of Project Members to Continue Project Self-Independent

We would be happy to talk one-on-one with you to explore how we can support you during the implementation of ISO 26262 or how you can gain efficiency with the use of ITK SafePack® for Polarion® ALM™.

Contact us at safepack(at)itk-engineering[dot]com