TAF – Test Automation Framework for Greater Efficiency in the Testing Process

"During software development, do you face the challenge of making your test process more efficient, flexible and robust? TAF is an automation tool that utilizes systematic testing of module-based models within a known tool environment that can help you solve these problems.”

TAF is a TÜV ASIL-D qualified Test Automation Framework fully integrated into MATLAB® and can test your models or subsystems automatically, without having to modify your models. The use of TAF allows you to enjoy a seamless execution of your test process while reducing your testing effort. TAF automatically generates the test environment so you can get started in just a few steps from within familiar development environments (MATLAB® Simulink® or TargetLink® models). Feedback - from failed tests, gaps in test coverage and results from an optional test object Polyspace-analysis extension - occurs directly in your familiar development environment, MATLAB®.

Automatic Generation of Test Environment

To perform test cases for subsections of the model without affecting the semantic composition at both the model level and code level, TAF automatically generates the test environment for the execution and recording of the test. In this case, the portion to be tested is (semi-) automatically extracted from the overall system.

Testing in a Known Tool Environment

With TAF you work in your familiar tool environment: The intuitive user interface integrates directly into MATLAB, allowing you to edit, analyze and generate stimuli as well as run test cases individually and flexibly.

Efficient and Robust Test Procedure

Automatic plausibility checks ensure efficient troubleshooting and robust test execution. The test cases can be run in different modes - in MiL (Fixed and Floating Point), SiL and PiL.

Custom Report Generation and Analysis

TAF generates individual test reports and automatically determines for each test case - and for the overall test plan - the test coverage for the module in question. The information gained can be viewed as a report, but is also available at a glance in the user interface and can be visualized directly in the model.

Perform Static Code Analysis Early

In addition to the module tests, TAF - with an optional extension - can optimally support and carry out static Polyspace-analysis for the generated code of the module. This allows an analysis at an early stage in the development process, thereby reducing the number of correction loops in the process.

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