Social Commitment - An Affair of the Heart for Us

"Since the company has been founded, we have supported numerous projects for helping people in need of care. To be able to support, with a small contribution, these associations and youth projects is very dear to me.“


Michael Englert, Founder and CEO of ITK Engineering GmbH

2017: Offering Perspective ‒ ITK Fundraising Campaign

Again in 2017, associates from ITK Engineering have donated to charitable organizations. The sum of the donations was then doubled by the board of management. Altogether, around 6,000 euros were collected. The two amounts of 3,000 euros were presented symbolically as donations from ITK associates to bhz Stuttgart e. V. and to Harl.e.kin e. V. in Munich. The gift enabled bhz Stuttgart e. V. to purchase a slot drilling machine that offers more employment opportunities to the 17 employees with various disabilities. Harl.e.kin e. V. is using the money for holistic childcare services for premature babies and newborns at risk as well as their families.

bhz Stuttgart e. V.

bhz e. V.

bhz Stuttgart e.V. is a member of the Diakonisches Werk Württemberg (Social Welfare Service of the Protestant Churches in Württemberg ). It is dedicated to the promotion, employment, support and integration of people with various disabilities. In this respect, bhz conducts distinguished workshops with over 400 employment positions, support and care groups, several residential homes, outpatient care services for individuals with disabilities living independently, a family support service and other accompanying procedures and services.

Harl.e.kin e. V.

Harl.e.kin e. V.

Harl.e.kin e. V. is a supporter of the Harl.e.kin Premature Infant Aftercare (patrons are Munich's Mayor Dieter Reiter and former mayor, Christian Ude). It was founded in 1996 by the employees of the Harlachinger Pediatric Department. The model project of the Children's Clinic Harlaching began in 2003. Today, it is implemented at 25 locations in Bayern. One special issue is the nursing and psychosocial aftercare for chronically ill children or children at risk during their development, especially premature babies, even after they have been discharged from inpatient care. This structured aftercare is made more difficult through the structure of the health care system, as it does not match either the inpatient or the outpatient sectors of patient care.

2016: Doing Good Together - ITK Donation Calendar

Christmas is a time to share what we have.

This year, we’ve taken the motto to heart and launched the ITK donation calendar. Together, our employees have collected a significant sum, which ITK has doubled to give a total of more than 12,000 euros. We have donated the money to five organizations operating in the areas around our locations. Every day from December 1 to December 24, we opened a window of the ITK donation calendar and held a prize draw to determine which employee would get a present. The proceeds from the prize draw tickets were doubled by ITK and donated to social initiatives. Our goal was to do good together:

Pfalzinstitut - Clinic for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

The Pfalzinstitut (PI) is a clinic for child and adolescent psychiatry and part of the Pfalzklinikum in Klingenmünster. It caters to children and adolescents between the ages of 5 and 18, offering in-patient, partial in-patient, and out-patient treatment. There is also a Social Therapy (ST) department, which treats criminal offenders and patients requiring particular safeguarding. The PI has 80 in-patient beds as well as several day clinics at different locations. Visit the website: 

Schneekönige e.V.

Schneekönige e.V. was founded in October 2015 with the aim of fulfilling the dreams of homeless people in Munich. Regrettably, people living on the street or in temporary accommodation are often sidelined and don’t have anybody to bring joy into their lives. Nevertheless, every person – and especially those living on the edge of our society – has unfulfilled dreams and can be tickled pink by a bit of attention. People in need have a wide range of desires, spanning from the material (a musical instrument, perhaps) to the intangible, such as a special journey. Fulfilling these long-held dreams is a way to give the homeless new hope and vitality, and to show them that it’s worth fighting for a better future. Visit the website:


Sick children and adolescents are in a particularly tricky situation due to their illness, and this can have a profound and life-changing impact on their physical, mental, and social wellbeing. The SCHULE FÜR KRANKE exists to provide education in hospitals, special home tutoring, and tuition during the recovery period and as children reintegrate into the school system. The aim of this tutoring is to get pupils back into their own schools and ensure that they resettle into their old school system, or rather find somewhere else for them to be schooled. At the HEINRICH-HOFFMANN-SCHULE, 38 teachers oversee around 240 school pupils of all ages in the hospitals of the city of Frankfurt and also provide special home tuition, mostly to children and adolescents suffering from cancer. Visit the website:

Kinderhospiz Stuttgart

The hospice is a voluntary and full-time organization that provides support, care, and therapy with a focus on people’s needs and their state of mind. It also caters to children, young people, and adults who are mourning. Its educational work carries the hospice concept into society and into hospitals, nursing homes, and outpatient services. The hospice sees itself as a role model for helping people who are dying or mourning, and has political ambitions and a desire to inspire others to treat patients and their loved ones with consideration and respect. Visit the website:

Sportfreunde Braunschweig e.V.

The aim of Sportfreunde Braunschweig is to support and inspire people both with and without disabilities in and around Braunschweig. Soccer plays a very important role in that process. Germany’s number one sport is played with enthusiasm by the young and the old. Unfortunately, people with mental, physical, or psychological disabilities are often conspicuously missing from “normal” soccer clubs. Fear of contact, physical requirements, or a lack of resources lead to exclusion. This is the starting point for Sportfreunde Braunschweig, which aims to open up new sporting opportunities for those with disabilities who love soccer. Visit the website:

2015: Together for a Good Cause

Especially in times of great disasters such as flooding or wars, most donations of people are related to these catastrophes – understandably. The catastrophes are not only influencing the life of the concerned people, but also a huge number of social organizations, clubs and institutions, which are dependent on donations to fulfill their work. Thus we want to hold on to our local engagement and support four organizations in 2015 which are located next to our 4 subsidiaries.

adventurecare e.V.

About a year ago the organization adventurecare e.V. was founded in order to support families, where one parent is suffering from cancer. The very heart of the organization is with the kids, which are also suffering from the dramatically changes in their families and suffer from the lack of support in this situations: Instead of security and light-heartedness come fears, speechlessness and uncertainty. During the treatment of the parent, the needs of the children are upstaged. Here is where adventurecare e.V. starts, when they invite the families to join lovingly supervised camps, which last a couple of days. Due to the experience of nature, adventure and community children and parents find new confidence, inner strength and positive thoughts. The camps give the families a light-heartedness back, which they are missing out in their daily life. Newfound vitality and self-confidence appear even after a long time. Visit the website: 

Olgäle-Stiftung für das kranke Kind e.V.

The aim of the Olgäle-Foundation, which exists since 1997, is to help sick children and their parents. The help mostly focuses on the Olgahospital, also known as Olgäle, in Stuttgart. An environment, which is suitable for children, the psychosocial care and financing modern medical equipment are the most important goals of the Olgäle-Foundation. Besides that many volunteers are taking care of sick kids – either at the sickbed, in the library or in the internet room. Visit the website:

Elternverein für Frühgeborene und kranke Neugeborene Gießen e.V.

Self-help and personal commitment for families with premature babies and sick newborns are the highest maxim for the parents’ organization. The association was founded in 1993 and counts more than 200 parents, who support each other with words and deeds. The collected donations will be used for intensive and premature babies care as well as for the aftercare center “Startklar”.

Lebenshilfe Germersheim e.V.

The primary goal of Lebenshilfe is to provide individual and differentiated help for disabled people. Despite of government support the Lebenshilfe is also reliant on the willingness of help of people. As a non-profit organization the association makes an effort for the integration, love of life and self-determination of kids, adults and elderly with disabilities. Visit the website:

2014: ITK Moves People

Corporate responsibility and community involvement have been always very important to us. On our 20-year anniversary in 2014, we launched the "ITK Moves People" campaign.  For this program we donated € 100,000 to charity. For each year that ITK has been operating, we supported a project. 20 regional social organizations received € 5000 each. Suggestions for which institutions to support came from our employees. It was them, who personally presented organizations the € 5,000 donations to the organizations.