Microservice Architecture

This two-day seminar introduces participants to the world of microservices. This means that various architectural patterns, best practices and tools will be presented.

In the accompanying exercises, theory is put into practice with the use of a Spring Boot project. Small groups will develop a microservice platform that is packaged into Docker containers and deployed on a Kubernetes cluster. The participants in this seminar will go through the complete development cycle of a microservice, from the testing phase to delivery and finally, operation. In addition, they are familiarized with commonly-used tools and frameworks in the microservice ecosystem.

Content Focus

Fundamentals of the Architecture

  • Structure of a microservice
  • Comparison to SOA
  • Size of a microservice



  • Service Discovery
  • Load Balancing



  • Spring Boot
  • Docker



  • REST
  • Messaging



  • Polyglot Persistence
  • Consistency in a microservices system


Test Strategies

  • Integration Tests
  • Contract Tests


Delivery and Operation

  • Continuous Delivery
  • Kubernetes

Intended Audience

The seminar is aimed at developers and architects who are taking the first steps in the area of microservices and who want to deepen their theoretical skills through practical application.


Basic programming skills.

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