Embedded Multicore Conference | Munich

26. – 27.06. Presentation “Central vehicle computer: Achieving freedom from interference by temporal software separation”

Listen to our presentation about “Central Vehicle Computer: Achieving freedom from interenece by temporal software separation” at Embedded Multicore Conference in Munich.

The main technology drivers, namely highly automated driving, connectivity and electrification, will lead to a massive increase of software quantity in the next generation vehicles. Basically, they transform vehicles into computers on wheels. Today’s patchwork approach of adding new electronic control units (ECUs) for new features is no longer sustainable to tackle the increase in software quantity. This motivates a trend towards ECU consolidation in a centralized vehicle EE-architecture where more and more software functions are deployed to a small number of central vehicle computers. This topic is tackled by the Standard AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform which serves as a basis for a SW Integration Platform supporting use cases such as incremental updates. Such a system needs to host a multitude of heterogenous applications in terms of real-time, safety and security properties provided by multiple SW providers.

This presentation focuses on one of the key requirements for an integration platform which is extensive software separation and isolation capabilities to achieve freedom from interference, especially regarding exchange of information, memory and timing and execution.

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