CARsymposium | Bochum

8.2. Exhibition booth no. 13 and pesentation on “What We Can Learn from Other Domains: Automotive vs. IT Security“

CAR Symposium

Visit us at the CARsymposium in Bochum at our booth (no. 13) and attend our presentation “What We Can Learn from Other Domains: Automotive vs. IT Security”.


Trends such as connected car and autonomous driving are causing vehicle security requirements to increase significantly – similar to some years prior in the IT security. Learn from our presentation which challenges the automobile industry must face in the area of security and what it can learn from IT security. Primarily the topics of attacks, countermeasures, and standardization will be discussed. This will make clear that not only technological parallels exist, but also that the accumulation of attacks and the introduction of countermeasures follow similar patterns. This enables predictions for future attacks and events in the automotive security, if necessary.


The CARsymposium is a high-ranking industry event where leading experts discuss trends and developments in the automobile industry.


We look forward to your visit!