MedConf | Munich

17.-18.10. NH Munich Dornach at the MCC, exhibition and lectures “DevOps and Medical Devices: Challenges and Strategies” and “Security for Medical Devices: What Can We Afford?”

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Visit us at the MedConf at our booth and listen to our lecture on the topic “DevOps and Medical Devices: Challenges and Strategies” and “Security for Medical Devices: What Can We Afford?”.

DevOps and Medical Devices: Challenges and Strategies

The increasing digitalisation in medical technology, the increasing importance of apps, wearables and mobile health applications, and the incoming rise in connectivity that comes with these changes harbour a multitude of challenges as well and opportunities for the design, implementation and quality assurance of cyber-physical systems. DevOps are suitable for bringing the worlds of development, quality assurance and operations together. DevOps are a process improvement approach that, along the line of the software value chain, should minimise process times and reduce ongoing jobs.

Learn more from our presentation about the challenges and strategies of determination of the suitability as well as the introduction of DevOps pertaining to the areas of development of medical systems and software.

Security for Medical Devices: What Can We Afford?

Through the increasing connectivity of medical devices, hacker attacks have become a real threat for patients. The increasing software interface functions to the outside world drastically raises the number of potential attacks. To ward off these attacks and protect patients from possible damages, the question needs to be clarified how much needs to be invested in adequate security in order to satisfy the deduced protection goals and at what positions the servicing of risks through potential gaps would be sustainable.

In our lecture, we will show on the one hand that a threshold value of investments for security which is unique to a system must be exceeded in order to be able to ensure the effectiveness of any single measure and on the other hand how, through a purposeful cyber security engineering process, the development of medical devices can supported. This process should ensure that risks can be sufficiently reduced and residual risks can be reliably assessed.

The MedConf is a high-ranking medical technology conference that, above all else, addresses the software development in medical devices. Numerous experts refer to and discuss topics such as agility, legal frameworks and security.

We look forward to seeing you!