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ESE Congress | Sindelfingen

Lecture "How to Master Complexity and Quality: Embedded Software Engineering and DevOps"


Visit Dr. Dominik Holling’s lecture “How to Master Complexity and Quality: Embedded Software Engineering and DevOps” on 2 December, 2019 at the Embedded Software Engingeering Congress in Sindelfingen.

Since the embedded systems with the latest hardware generation offer a significantly greater computing power than before, new functions and efficient updates can also be implemented. The life cycle is therefore quite similar to that of smart  IoT devices. To still  guarantee a high quality with early error detection and constant flexibility and security, automation and methods of the DevOps are used.

In his lecture “Mastering complexity and quality: DevOps and Embedded Software Engineering”, Dr. Dominik Holling shows how DevOps and embedded software engineering can be combined and successfully used to control complexity and quality by presenting concrete practical examples and application possibilities. In addition, Dr. Holling will discuss in more detail which key issues have to be considered in the unification and why they are important in the implementation.

Are you interested to learn more about the synergy of DevOps and Embedded Software Engineering?

The lecture will be hold in German.

We look forward to your visit!