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VDI Conference – Smart Farming | Düsseldorf

Presentation on "How To Harvest Your Data"

Listen to our presentation on “How to Harvest Your Data” at the 3rd International VDI Conference – Smart Farming on May 14 – 15, 2019 in Düsseldorf.

Whether in the field, on the farm or in the barn – a lot of data is already being collected by means of agricultural technology and agricultural machinery. This increasing amount of data has to be stored, structured and processed. Among the greatest challenges is the transformation of data into relevant information, and hence to generate usable knowledge. This is interacting with the trend of agricultural companies to develop products that are smarter, more convenient, and more precise. In this context, data analytics make a significant contribution to more ecologic and more economic agriculture.

The presentation will show how Data Analytics can be used productively in agriculture and what opportunities it offers. The approach is an attempt to solve the problem described above holistically and to consult and develop independently of tools, manufacturers or infrastructure. This presentation shows a methodology toolbox to develop individually suitable solutions as well as to promote and facilitate innovation and optimization.

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