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Webinar: ISO/SAE 21434 – How to reach full potential out of cyber security risk analysis for agricultural machinery | Online

The digitalization of agriculture comes with a great variety of chances. Connecting actors and systems, analyzing huge numbers of datasets, establishing new cooperations and business models are just some (visible) signs of this megatrend. Yet, due to this immense increase in connectivity, we also witness the exposure of more and more potentially vulnerable hard- and software, as well as communication links. But how to deal with these risks?

To mitigate the risks, a comprehensive identification and evaluation of these risks is essential. With the ISO/SAE 21434 standard and UNECE regulations on the horizon, it is important to understand the requirements that a risk analysis has to comply with. However, we also believe that a good risk analysis provides real value beyond ensuring compliance. It can be the central decision basis for your entire security engineering and support all future security-related activities.

To unleash the full potential of a risk analysis, we will answer the following questions during our Webinar:

  • What is the right methodology for your analysis?
  • How can you obtain the flexibility to deal with system changes during the design process?
  • How can you trace the findings in your development process in a way that no information is lost?
  • How do you communicate the results in your organization?

We will give you insights on how to tailor your risk analysis methodology so that you get the most bang for the buck.



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