Building Technology that Makes Sense

Do you want to expand your services to fulfill all of your customers’ wishes, from smart heating systems to entertainment and healthcare applications? We support your Smart Home projects with our interdisciplinary technology expertise, for both private homes and commercial buildings.

Intelligently Networked: Smart Building Services
ITK Brings Systems into Harmony
Entertainment: Setting the Right Tone
Healthcare @home: Always the Best Care

You want to launch a new product onto the building technology market, which is connected to a KNX-Bus?
By combining technical expertise with comprehensive knowledge of the building technology market, we support you from your product idea right through to your KNX-registered and certified product. We do this by contributing our multidisciplinary knowledge and taking the requirements of functional safety and security into account.

Our Common Path to Your KNX-Product:

Consulting regarding technology and business development (optional):

  • Development of a business case
  • Derivation of a product including product specification and requirements engineering
  • Analysis regarding KNX-scope

Device development

  • Electronics development
  • Chassis (mechanics)
  • Software development

Fabrication by partners

Connection to the KNX-bus via KNbriX – technically and organizationally

  • Integration of KNbriX (KNX-Stack) into your product
  • Creation of KNX catalogue data (ETS application)
  • Execution of the registrations process with the KNX association

Lab –> Certification

Our Services

KNbriX – KNX-Stack

  • KNbriX-Basic as gateway solution
  • KNbriX-Plus as single chip solution for application and stack


  • KNX product development and fabrication (by partners), KNX registration, certification and integration into KNX-bus
  • Development of turnkey systems for building automation including mechatronic components
  • System integration
  • Prototype development and risk analysis
  • Signal and image processing
  • Rapid control prototyping
  • Simulation and visualization
  • FPGA development
  • Adaptive sensors
  • KNX-RF in respect to security
Operating Systems
  • Complex systems like display and touch-screen solutions for KNX-apps
  • Graphical user interfaces
  • Voice recognition
  • Human Machine Interfaces


  • Adaptive buildings
  • Solar protection
  • Entertainment systems
  • Security systems
  • Lighting control
  • Smart Grid
  • Healthcare
  • Remote monitoring
  • Presence simulation
  • Access control
  • Heating control
  • Energy/ battery management
  • Assistance systems
  • Provider Gateways
  • Data analysis and operation strategies
Innovation & Research
Development Partnership