Smart Production Control as a Competitive Factor

"Do you want to accelerate your production processes or are you even considering a robust, fully-automated production system in order to ensure your competitiveness? As your strategic development partner, we develop and implement tailored industry 4.0 solutions for you, including a technology assessment."

From Predictive Maintenance to Big Data

Do you want to measure and optimize the productivity of your systems? Do you have to make important decisions for the future and require intelligent suggestions on how to proceed? We develop algorithms and methods for you to intelligently assess, process and log big data.

Protection against Cyber Attacks

Digitization and networking also open up your systems to attacks from the outside. Security therefore becomes a focus on all levels and across all phases of development. With our expert security knowledge, we support you in developing and implementing integrated security concepts – ensuring that hackers don’t find any vulnerabilities.

No Downtimes with Risk-free Porting Strategies

Do you want to move to new technologies but don’t want to risk production standstills? We offer you an object-oriented, model-based and simulation-validated solution development. Simulations offer protection against downtime when exchanging software components during ongoing operations. 

Creating Acceptance for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 changes our working environment and the processes within your company. We are aware of our responsibility and aim to prepare you and your employees ideally for digitization with consulting and training work. We particularly believe in creating acceptance and understanding for new technologies within your company and getting your employees involved in the change process from day one.

Your Tailored Industry 4.0 Strategy

Whether you are planning your first steps towards digitizing your production processes or considering a fully-automated production solution – we offer you a tailored, secure and good-value solution.

Our Services

  • Analysis of existing manufacturing processes
  • Capability, introduction and change strategies for digitizing and connecting your business processes
  • Consulting and training regarding organizational development
  • Security

    • Threat and weakness analysis
    • Integrated security concepts
    • Definition of protection measurements and selection of cryptographic algorithms

  • Technology assessment
  • Automated
  • Tool-supported
  • Simulation-based



  • Smart algorithms and methods for

    • Automation
    • Quality assurance
    • Disruption management
    • Robust logistics planning and control

  • Software quality assurance and mastering complexity with

    • State-of-the-art  development technology
    • High-level programming language
    • Model-based development

  • Big data analytics
  • Cognitive solutions for fully-automated production (cognitive interoperation solutions)


  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Process Engineering
  • Industrial Measurement Technology & Automation
    • Test Bench Automation
    • Building Automation

      Your Compass for the IoT World

      Network technology, various interfaces, and organizational changes: A lot of challenges can arise on your journey to the Internet of Things. To meet your goals, we develop the right strategy and design tailor-made solutions for your digital transformation. >Video



      Intro 4.0: ITK Engineering Equips SMEs for Industry 4.0

      As part of a cooperative project launched by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), ITK is developing smart methods of quality assurance, disruption management and logistics planning.

      For more information please read our press release.