Expertise on Every Track

„High availability and increasing complexity in safety-critical applications - we solve the mounting challenges in rail technology with our distinct methods and tool expertise. We are partners for the long haul.“

Observing Signals – Ensuring Safety

Safety and Security are becoming increasingly relevant with the standardization of systems. We use process-oriented development to create secure, scalable and testable architectures and software. These enable networked, maintainable and extensible solutions which are compliant with CENELEC standards. We fulfill demanding requirements for high-speed communication and transmission security, while keeping in mind high system availability and certification approval.

Software Development on the Fast Track

The increasing size of networked electronic systems, and the sheer amount of software they contain, places new challenges on their development. We apply model-based development methods to make complex systems manageable and to ensure high quality applications. For safety-critical applications with long lifecycles, maintainability and sustainability are of utmost importance. Here, we benefit from our experience in aerospace and automation industries.

Our Services

Development of Safety-critical Software and Components

Standardized Development according to CENELEC             

  • RAMS management according to EN 50126 
  • Software development according to EN 50128
  • Documentation, verification and validation according to EN 50129
  • Safety-related communication according to EN 50159

Method Expertise with Deep Understanding of Tools

  • Model-based development
  • Tool-based development process
  • ALM (Application Lifecycle Management)
  • Formal methods e.g. formal verification


Rail stock: from passenger comfort to braking systems and drive systems

Signaling: from passenger information displays, electronic interlocking systems to ETCS (European Train Control System)