KNbriX ‒ Your KNX Stack for the Intelligent Control of Smart Home Applications

“Are you looking to launch a new product in the building technology market that is connected to the KNX bus system? If so, we offer you the key to a quick and secure connection for smart home functions with KNbriX.”

KNbriX is a stack that connects smart home solutions with the KNX bus system. It is available in two editions. The basic version serves as a gateway, while KNbriX Plus is a single-chip solution for application and stack. The user-friendly API enables your application to seamlessly communicate with our stack. Both versions are certified by the KNX Association. They form the ideal basis for device development – for both small and large quantities with very short development times.

KNX Certification Made Easy

If required, we can handle the entire process for you – from coming up with the product idea and developing the software and system to manufacturing the final product in cooperation with partners. We also go the extra mile by taking care of the registration and certification process of your smart home solution and its integration into the KNX bus system.

High-speed Development

Our KNbriX evaluation board serves as a catalyst for developing your building system, enabling ideas and devices to be developed in no time. It comes with the usual sensors and actuators to support the seamless incorporation of your product into new smart home technologies. The KNbriX evaluation board offers an intuitive API with self-explanatory functions, a stable system architecture, and sample code.

OEM Solutions for Your Smart Home Project

Are you looking to enter the market quickly while keeping development expenses to a minimum? KNbriX inside is the answer! We deliver bespoke OEM solutions with a choice of ITK base modules and in the production process, we are supported by select long-term partner companies. As a customer, you benefit from a single point of contact for the development, implementation and connection of your smart home solution to the KNX bus system.

A One-stop Shop for Your Building Technology Needs

Whether you’re looking for a smart IoT solution for sustainable energy management, want to connect your building with state-of-the-art security technology, or develop a house into an intelligent system, our cross-industry expertise and highly qualified team delivers tailored smart home solutions to meet your needs and give your vision a home

We’d be happy to schedule a personal meeting to advise you on how best to implement KNbriX and how we can support you with your smart home project.

Please contact us via email at smarthome(at)itk-engineering[dot]de