VeMoF – Modeling Vehicles Flexibly and Efficiently

“Does continuous and model-based software development as well as robust maneuver-based testing of function software enjoy high priority in your company – but the effort for development of necessary models goes far beyond the scope? With VeMoF, we provide a suitable modeling framework, on which you are able to create individual models flexibly and cost-efficiently in MATLAB/Simulink®.”

From vehicle component models to driver and environment models, VeMoF ([wi: mu:f], Vehicle Motion Modeling Framework) offers open modules – created in MATLAB/Simulink® – which are suitable for MiL and SiL simulation using a PC, as well as on real-time simulation HiL environments. Do you need individual models or just specific components? With VeMoF you are able to adapt and scale the components individually. Thanks to the WhiteBox concept you can view the models right down to Simulink® block level.

Realistic and Reproducible Tests

In addition to vehicle dynamics models VeMoF also offers an environment and a driver model. This allows maneuver-based testing and reproducible and realistic test execution.

Modular Design for More Flexibility

Whether you want to model a full vehicle or just single components, with VeMoF both is possible. The basic modules, relevant to the driving dynamics, have a modular design and describe a simulation-ready virtual vehicle.

Transparency Due to Open Model Structure

Thanks to the open system architecture, you are able to adapt the components to individual requirements or add further self-developed modules easily. In addition, VeMoF’s WhiteBox concept provides transparency and access to all existing signal values.

Scalability due to Globally Available System Bus

The globally available system bus allows access to all existing model signals. Thus you can implement additional functionalities and adapt the model complexity to your specific requirements.

We would be happy to talk one-on-one with you to see how VeMoF could benefit you.

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