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Published in ATZextra Automotive Engineering Partners 2018

"New Scenarios for Autonomous Driving Systems"

Autonomous driving is leading to new challenges in the validation process. In order to achieve higher levels of autonomy, it is necessary to consider highly critical driving scenarios. A method presented by ITK Engineering enables driving scenarios that were previously disregarded to be considered by the application of optimization algorithms.
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Published in ATZoffhighway 1/2018

"Smart Assistance Systems for Terrain and Object Recognition"

Electronic assistance systems for road vehicles can rely on level and organized surroundings, while mobile machinery often operate in uneven and rough terrain. In response, ITK Engineering has developed a smart, camera-based assistance system with technology and algorithms that can be integrated into the next generation of mobile machines.
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Published in ATZelektronik 6/2016 (p. 22-25)

"Approach security with more pragmatism"

The automotive sector uses IT security specialists with many years of experience from other sectors. Sebastian Labitzke, responsible for security at ITK Engineering, explains in an interview with ATZelektronik how technology companies align these competences with automotive safety and security, and develop new processes and solutions.
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Methods of Modern Software Engineering - Prospects for Rail Transport

Software has bekome the central means for realising challenging tasks in railway transport. In order to meet the increasing demands, new approaches for efficient software development have emerged in industrial and academic software engineering in recent decades.
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Published in ATZoffhighway 04/2016 (p. 6-11)

AUTOSAR for Agricultural Electronics

The agricultural machinery market demands ever more powerful customer functionalities like those of Precision Farming. The high diversity of products with low production volumes results in a high proportion of software development costs in systems. To date, AUTOSAR has not been ready for the agricultural machinery market because the network standard ISOBUS was not supported. To bridge this gap, ITK Engineering has developed a solution which expands AUTOSAR with ISOBUS.

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Published in ATZextra (October 2016)

Trusted Execution Environments in Vehicles

Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) can be applied to harden electronic control unit software against attackers. ITK Engineering compares existing TEE approaches and highlights their differences. TEE approaches isolate security-relevant from non-security-relevant software and, thus, reduce the surface for attacks on security-relevant software components.

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Published in PMW-Magazine

Intelligent Software

ITK Engineering’s Dr Houssem Abdellatif explains the increasing importance of implementing software in motorsport

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Published in ATZelektronik

ISO 26262 - Consequences on automated test bays

Ensuring the functional safety of mechatronic systems is a sensitive issue in the development of automobiles, medical equipment and aircraft. Especially in the automotive sector the standard ISO 26262 applies and considerably affects the development and validation of the system depending on its risk potential. But which points of contact can arise in the validation of safety-critical systems? The answer gives ITK.

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Reference Stories

Formula E: Driving smart software to victory

New race tracks, short development cycles, and a limited supply of energy add to the excitement

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Intelligent energy management contributes again to the Le Mans success

22 percent less fuel was realized within a very short amount of time in the Audi R18 e-tron quattro racing car

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Projects & User Stories

ITK Engineering Develops IEC 62304 – Compliant Controller for Dental Drill Motor with Model-Based Design

The Challenge: Develop and implement field-oriented controller software for sensorless brushless DC motors for use in dental drills

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Full Automation of a Highly Dynamic Steering Test Bench for Realistic Testing with NI VeriStand, LabVIEW and PXI

The requirements for testing steering systems have increased enormously. Along with mechanical tests, highly dynamic tests of electrical steering systems on test benches are now common and are increasingly being performed under realistic conditions.

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