Customized, Highly-Dynamic Test Benches for Efficient, Automated Testing of Electrified and Mechatronic Components

“A test bench must not only meet technical, but also economic criteria. In addition to the reproducibility of test sequences, scalability, reusability and individual tailoring of tests play an important role. Also, the test bench should optimally match the application field by a perfect interaction of carefully selected hardware and software. This is exactly what we provide for you with our customized, turnkey component test bench.”

Rising System Complexity – Increased Demands on Test Bench Dynamics
Hazards in Test Bench Planning – Simulate Dynamic Limits in Advance
Increasing Variety of Test Objects – Cost-Efficiency through Minimal Setup Time of the Test Bench for each Variant
Combination of HiL Infrastructure and Component Test Benches – The Highest Demands on Test System Integration

Our Service

  • Turnkey System Test Benches
  • Model-Based Test Bench Development using the ITK Software Solution TACsi
  • Conceptual Design of Test Benches, i.e. Electronic Power Steering (EPS), Active Suspension Systems and other Mechatronic Test Objects
  • System Instellation and Commissioning of Test Benches
  • Operation and Automation of the Test Benches using the ITK Software Solution TACware®
  • Interfaces: ASAM HiL API for Automated Test Operation
  • Test Execution
  • Coaching and Consulting

At a Glance

TACsi - Model-Based Analysis & System Design

  • Examination of the Physical System Boundaries
  • Identification of Potential Weak Points
  • Avoid Costly and Time-Consuming Schedule Overruns

Highly Dynamic Test Benches

  • Model-based test bench design with TACsi
  • Component supply & software customizing
  • Quality assurance: installation & commissioning at ITK
  • Delivery & commissioning at customer side

TACware - Test Bench Automation Control Software

  • Effective Testing with Test Profile Generator, Intelligent Control with Automated Parameterization and HiL API
  • User-Friendly Operating Concept
  • Reduction of Commissioning Time through Application of Model-Based Methods
  • Development of Customized Multi-Level Safety Concepts
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Test Object in the Loop & Haredware-in-the-Loop (HiL)

Perform closed-loop tests to:

  • Simulate Realistic Vehicle Loads
  • Repeatable Testing of Driving Maneuvers
  • Parameterize System Components During Early Development Stages

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