Embedded Systems – because the Heart is Often Hidden

“With our interdisciplinary approach and constant focus on hardware, we develop new, or enhance existing, algorithms to optimize processor load.”

Maximum Performance with Multicore Architectures
Conversion from Floating-Point to Fixed-Point
Quality Assurance in C-Programming

Our Services

  • Development of Embedded Software with:
    • C
    • Model-based with Code Generation (Parametrization of the model and the Code Generator for Automatic Code Generation)
  • Multicore Architecture (homogeneous und heterogeneous)
  • Software Conversion from Floating-Point in Fixed-Point
  • Quality Assurance Measures, Tools, Processes and Static Verification
  • Verification and Validation of Embedded Software

Real-time Systems - Reliable, Processor-optimized, and of Course Real-time Capable

“We can guarantee and prove execution times – our program code truly delivers what it promises.“

Cost Reduction through Optimized Processor Load
Guaranteed Execution Time
Identifying Runtimes

Our Services

  • Real-Time Capable Software Architectures
  • Knowledge and Understanding of Hardware Architectures (Controller)
  • Runtime Analyses
    • Verification via Runtime Measurement
    • Identification of WCET (Worst Case Execution Time)
  • Real-Time Operating Systems/Real-Time Environments: QNX; Vxworks; KEIL RTX; Embedded Linux; LTX; Freertos
Development Partnership
Innovation & Research
ECU Development