Platforms and Frameworks – The Perfect Setting for Greater Consistency

“Increasing efficiency is talked about a lot. Our platforms and frameworks will actually help you achieve increased efficiency. Because we increase your code’s reusability while decreasing your protection requirements – without the process falling apart.”

Reduce Costs by Optimizing Processor Load

What will you get from using our platforms and frameworks? For one, the reusability of your code and models will increase dramatically. This decreases your development and protection requirements. Instead of testing every variant individually, all you have to do is ensure the overall integration.

Why not use our existing framework for test automation (TAF), which we will adapt to meet your specific requirements?

In addition, we design and develop individual platforms and frameworks for you (either model-based or in C-code).

Integration into Existing Processes

We would never expect you to adapt to our framework. That's why we integrate the platforms and frameworks into your processes. Throughout the entire development, project-specific adaptations are included.

Our Services

  • Conception and Design of Platforms and Frameworks

    • BlackBox, WhiteBox
    • Model-Based, C-code

  • Project-Specific Adaptation of Platforms
  • Consulting and Implementation: Integration into Existing Processes

Available ITK Frameworks


Automation and Highly Dynamic Control of Component Test Benches


Test Automation Framework

Module-Based Testing of Models - Automated. Systematic. Robust.