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R&D test systems

Systems are getting smarter. This poses new challenges for the test environment. Realistic simulations of vehicles and their surroundings require dynamic interaction between the test bench and the test object.

We draw on our cross-domain expertise to optimize test environments in accordance with ISO 26262, integrate technology into legacy architectures, and ensure flexibility and modularity. What’s more, our experts bring the driver on board early on with virtual road tests. After all, a vehicle’s commercial success is not just about functionality; the driving experience also matters.

You can actually verify and validate mechanical components, actuators, sensors, control units, and the way they interact in one and the same test environment. With this integrated testing method, a hydraulic or other actuator generates the desired load profiles for the mechanical component while a residual bus simulation tests the electronic function. The test bench controller is crucial to capturing very accurate results.

Test benches for integrated testing:

  • Model-based test bench layout for early validation of the system’s design based on test specifications
  • Fully automated testing
  • Professional real-time software and optimal system architecture for test bench controller sampling rates up to 20 kHz

What sets our steering test benches apart:

  • Powerful algorithms and automated controller design ensure high-quality control and very accurate test results
  • Scales integrated into the mechanical design for a fully reproducible test setup (adjustable for the tested object and actuator)
  • Haptic testing even without vehicles, with fewer road trips to cut costs
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Your options:

  • Manual setpoint setting
  • Automated test sequences
  • Maneuver-based testing
  • Model-in-the-loop testing
  • Haptic tests

Customized test benches for:

  • Steering & active vehicle components
  • Power packs
  • Actuators with position sensors

ITK Engineering – your general contractor for specific challenges:

  • Turnkey component test benches
  • Optimization of legacy systems