Evaluation of a sensor concept

Evaluation of a sensor concept



  • evaluation of a sensor concept for a highly dynamic mechatronic system


  • realization of a very quick development trajectory with a focus on series production
  • triangulation between
  • technical feasibility
  • financial sustainability
  • mandatory features


  • observable lack in sensor technology competence
  • no suitability of Piezo for the field of application
  • uncertainty as to feasibility and profitability of series production
  • consideration of different sensor concept variants


agile project management via design thinking approach:

  1. analysis of a complex system
  2. market & price research
  3. identification of diverse sensor concept variants
  4. prototypical set-up with suitable measurement configuration for sensor evaluation; development of further measurement methods focused on suitability for mass production
  5. evaluation/analysis of sensor data to establish a sensor concept and recommendations


  • deployment of a cheaper Piezo sensor
  • demonstration using prototypical measurement setup
  • verification of compensation possibility for sensor’s disadvantages based on software
  • measurement of additional conditions (imbalances, bearing damage)


  • Messagebroker (Rabbit MQ)
  • Java
  • Python
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes