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ITK offers seminars and training rooted in real-world experience to further your knowledge of your chosen field. Our instructors know from experience how projects work. They develop solutions using the very tools and methods they teach. Draw on our many years’ experience providing development services to benefit from our specialized knowledge and professional expertise. Deepen your insight in small groups sized to suit your requirements.

Adaptive AUTOSAR

In the course “Adaptive AUTOSAR Basic” the participants receive a compact overview of the concepts of the Adaptive AUTOSAR standard. This knowledge provides the participants with a basis for designing, implementing and integrating Adaptive AUTOSAR-compliant software.


With the right balance of theory and practice, our AUTOSAR classic seminar creates a solid knowledge base for developing AUTOSAR-compliant software.


This two-day seminar introduces participants to the world of microservices. This means that various architectural patterns, best practices and tools will be presented.


This one-day seminar gives a broad overview of the topic Software Architecture. The first part will deal with functional decomposition ‒ from requirements in logical components to universal principles in the creation of software architectures.

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