Fundamentals and expert knowledge to develop your systems with real-world applications in mind


ITK offers seminars and training rooted in real-world experience to further your knowledge of your chosen field. Our instructors know from experience how projects work. They develop solutions using the very tools and methods they teach. Draw on our many years’ experience providing development services to benefit from our specialized knowledge and professional expertise. Deepen your insight in small groups sized to suit your requirements.

LabVIEW Basic Course

The basic LabVIEW course shares knowledge of this graphical programming language that will serve you well when creating scalable measuring, testing and control applications. It takes you through efficient ways of analyzing data and creating distributed applications.


MATLAB is a high-level language and interactive development environment for numerical computation, visualization, and programming. MATLAB is ideal for technical calculations in various application fields such as data analysis, algorithm development and programming of applications. Participants…


Simulink, a toolbox of the MATLAB programming environment, is an interactive, graphical environment for simulation and model-based development of dynamic and embedded systems.


Stateflow is an interactive modeling and simulation tool, which is closely related to Simulink and MATLAB. It allows the modeling of event-driven systems and allows users to simulate how the defined system responds to events, time-dependent conditions and external input signals. Hierarchical and…


dSPACE TargetLink is a tool for automatic series code generation from Simulink models. In this two-day seminar, participants develop a sound basic understanding of the procedure for C code generation and become familiar with the various functions and configuration options of the code generator. The…

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