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ITK offers seminars and training rooted in real-world experience to further your knowledge of your chosen field. Our instructors know from experience how projects work. They develop solutions using the very tools and methods they teach. Draw on our many years’ experience providing development services to benefit from our specialized knowledge and professional expertise. Deepen your insight in small groups sized to suit your requirements.


The software-in-the-loop (SiL) method is increasingly used to accelerate established ECU development.

V&V Test Strategy

A V&V strategy forms the fundamental framework of every testing activity in a software development project. It not only serves to control complexity, it also serves to leverage synergies across departments and/or projects and to achieve a consistent approach to testing.

No Reason to Fear Agile

The business world is abuzz with talk about agile project management. This method is all about creating transparency and focusing the work on results and customers. But what tools in the agile toolbox will serve you best? We will give you a condensed overview of this brand of project management…

Software Testing

The seminar Software Testing covers all steps of the software testing process, from planning to specification and finally to implementation, execution and reporting of tests, according to international standards.

Model-Based Systems Engineering

This 3-days seminar delivers to the participants how to derive a System Architecture from System Requirements. The architecture description eases communication between all stakeholders, especially between disciplines (e. g. Software, Hardware, Mechanics). The seminar teaches the basis on how to…

Control Systems Design (3 trainings)

During exercises and presentations, the participant is introduced to the world of control engineering such as control loop, reference variable and loop amplification. Based on the description and analysis of the controlled system, a continuous example is used as the basis for exercises to determine…

Scrum Basic Course

Scrum is a procedure model for agile software development. The aim is to work iteratively and incrementally on complex software-projects. For the purposes of Plan, Do, Check, Act deliverable increments are generated, which offer an added value for customers of users at an early stage. The seminar…

Requirements Engineering

This three-day seminar familiarizes participants with the terminology of Requirements Engineering as well as the common notations for requirements. They get to know the basic techniques and methods as well as learn how to use them.

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