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ITK offers seminars and training rooted in real-world experience to further your knowledge of your chosen field. Our instructors know from experience how projects work. They develop solutions using the very tools and methods they teach. Draw on our many years’ experience providing development services to benefit from our specialized knowledge and professional expertise. Deepen your insight in small groups sized to suit your requirements.

No reason to fear FUSA

With this one-day training course, we provide an introduction to the topics of functional safety according to ISO26262 from developers to management level.

5G for Experts in Non-Telco Industries

Are you an expert working in a sector other than telecommunications who wants to learn more about 5G? This course explains 5G. Opening with a brief review of how digital mobile technologies have evolved since 2G networks’ rollout, it dives right in to present select 5G use cases. Next, it…

Functional Safety according to ISO26262 Training and certification

Are you looking for a comprehensive introduction to the development of safety critical functions in the automotive domain according to ISO26262? Or are you striving to achieve the certification as Functional Safety Certified Automotive Engineer (FSCAE)? A combination would be perfect? Then you have…

Fault Tree Analysis

The seminar participants learn the basics of the FTA method and will be able to apply it to projects in their own work environment after the training. They will gain the ability to actively contribute within the construction of an FTA or to create a simple FTA on their own.

SPICE Basic Course

SPICE (Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination), or ISO/IEC 15504, has established itself as an international standard for improving business processes and determining process capability, and forms the foundation for conducting process assessments

Hardware Processes According to SPICE Hardware

This seminar offers an overview of the new intacsTM Process Reference Model and Process Assessment Model for hardware engineering as an add-on to Automotive SPICE®. Our ITK trainer co-developed this new standard and is one of the first assessors for intacsTM hardware engineering SPICE worldwide.…

Cyber Security Engineering

This training provides an overview of the security domain, its cryptographic building blocks and the security engineering processes that are required to build secure systems. The participants can actively participate in practical exercises to directly apply the training material. The training will…

Secure Coding in C

This training provides an overview of secure coding aspects and their interdependencies with security engineering processes. In order to convey why applying secure coding practices is important, the participants will be given examples to illustrate how attackers typically exploit software…

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