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Can virtualization make hydrogen effect chains more profitable?

Hydrogen is the beacon of hope for many of the challenges of our time: from zero-emission mobility to the decarbonization of entire industrial sectors and the storage of surpluses from renewable energy sources. The possibilities are huge, and so are the development and investment costs. In addition, the market is highly competitive due to competition from existing solutions and other new technologies.

The optimal interaction between the individual elements of the hydrogen effect chain is all the more important. Which requirements are crucial for a hydrogen filling station result, for example, from the design parameters nominal pressure and volume of a hydrogen tank system for a vehicle application? What does the optimal system concept for hydrogen production with different pressure and storage levels look like?

How do the logistics processes for the distribution of hydrogen with current and future production and consumption profiles work?

These questions can be answered with a holistic simulation approach. Both physical and agent-based models with different levels of detail can be used.

This webinar presents such an innovative and holistic simulation approach. Here, the main focus is on the interfaces between generation, storage and consumption. With the help of physical modeling, use cases are used to show which relations exist between the individual parameters along the entire hydrogen effect chain and what an optimal overall solution could look like.

Dr. Torsten Dunger

Dr. Torsten Dunger is a group leader in the field of energy management and has been working at ITK Engineering GmbH for 6 years. His focus is on modeling and simulation. In addition to hydrogen applications, he is also involved in energy systems for accommodations, production sites, and ports, including renewable energies.

He studied mechanical engineering and received his doctorate in the field of alternative commercial vehicle powertrains from the Technical University of Berlin.

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