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ISO 21448: Tackling SOTIF-related risks

The publication of the ISO 21448 standard is approaching, which plays a crucial role in the development of situation-aware automotive systems (SOTIF systems).

SOTIF Systems offer great opportunities for users, society and your company, but they also pose a special kind of risk. Fortunately, this is addressed by the upcoming ISO 21448 standard. Dealing with these risks in the right way is a challenge! This requires new approaches for systems engineering processes and data organization as well as an enrichment of your toolboxes with new methods. To achieve Safety Of The Intended Functionality (SOTIF) with reasonable effort, you need an appropriate understanding of the problem, a risk-aware mindset and a skillful redesign of your development world.

Join us on a journey:

  • Discover SOTIF in a nutshell
  • Explore the nature of SOTIF-related risks
  • Get to know ISO 21448’s risk-tackling strategy and its logical structure
  • Review the main activities of ISO 21448 and their relationship to each other
  • Watch an example of SOTIF validation target definition
  • Learn how to convince yourself and others that you have achieved SOTIF

With this webinar, we provide you with a good starting point for better decision-making in your SOTIF projects!

Martin Ott

Martin Ott has a background in engineering cybernetics and, in 2009, began to apply this systemic mindset in the area of functional safety engineering.  His focus lies in the development and improvement of analysis methods and assurance arguments to overcome the challenges of the vehicle of the future, such as machine learning. He also enables customers and colleagues to jointly find solutions for specific safety issues through training, consulting and practical application.

Frank Stüve

Frank Stüve started his engineering career in 2008, creating vehicle path planning algorithms and collision avoidance prototypes. With six years experience in Functional Safety management and methodology, his consulting focus lies in tailoring processes and activities, enabling customer projects to get out the most reliable safety given the applicable resources. He aims to synergize safety, SOTIF and other neighboring disciplines with each other in a common systems engineering process framework.

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