Control Systems Design

Control Systems Design




During exercises and presentations, the participant is introduced to the world of control engineering such as control loop, reference variable and loop amplification. Based on the description and analysis of the controlled system, a continuous example is used as the basis for exercises to determine which controllers have to be designed in order to meet requirements for the speed or robustness of the control system. In addition to single-loop control loops, structural extensions such as disturbance feedforward and cascaded control are also dealt with.

The training conveys basic concepts from the field of control engineering so that the participant can interpret requirements for a control loop and work out possible solution approaches by himself or in a common discussion


Your benefit

  • System description and -analysis
  • Demands for control systems
  • Controller types and controller design
  • Controller structures (single loop, cascaded controllers, feedforward control, disturbance feedforward)

Target group

The advanced training is primarily aimed at development engineers, mathematicians and scientific researchers who have not been faced with tasks involving control engineering since their university studies and who would like to refamiliarize themselves with this discipline.



Prerequisites are basic skills in Matlab and Simulink because various exercises will be carried out via these tools.


Participants and duration

2 days Lecture with discussion and exercises / 5-8 participants

Price on demand.

*Please note that we can only accept requests from a group size of at least 3 people. For individual requests we can put you on our waiting list

Possible costs for travel or accommodation are not included in this service. These costs have to be borne by the participant.

ITK Control Systems Design

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on-site training

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