5G for Experts in Non-Telco Industries

5G for Experts in Non-Telco Industries



Are you an expert working in a sector other than telecommunications who wants to learn more about 5G? This course explains 5G. Opening with a brief review of how digital mobile technologies have evolved since 2G networks’ rollout, it dives right in to present select 5G use cases. Next, it highlights the value-adding benefits of 5G over 4G. Then the discussion turns to network rollout scenarios and when services and end devices will be available. A closer look at the key technological features of 5G follows. The course wraps up with an interactive session to answer questions frequently asked about 5G.


Your benefit

This course will answer the following questions for you:

  • Why do we need all these Gs (2G to 5G) for digital mobile communication?
  • What are the value-adding benefits of 5G over 4G?
  • What technical features enable 5G’s value-adding benefits?
  • Are there different implementations of 5G and when will they be available? What kind of end devices will they require?

Target group

This course is suitable for, but not limited to:

  • Managers who find themselves confronted with the Industrial Internet of Things
  • Managers in the automotive and healthcare sectors concerned with the mobile connectivity of things
  • Telecom managers who have to prepare for 5G
  • IT, sales and marketing staff




Participants and duration

Level: entry/ 1 day

Price on demand.

*Please note that we can only accept requests from a group size of at least 3 people. For individual requests we can put you on our waiting list

Possible costs for travel or accommodation are not included in this service. These costs have to be borne by the participant.

ITK 5G for Experts in Non-Telco Industries

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