Model-Based Systems Engineering

Model-Based Systems Engineering



This 3-days seminar delivers to the participants how to derive a System Architecture from System Requirements. The architecture description eases communication between all stakeholders, especially between disciplines (e. g. Software, Hardware, Mechanics). The seminar teaches the basis on how to develop a System Architecture with SysML. It is focused on the method. We use a simple yet realistic continuous example to explain the workflow. After this seminar, a two-day practical course is offered to deepen the knowledge.


Your benefit

  • Definition: What are systems?
  • Delimitation of system and system context
  • Differences between document-centric versus model-based development
  • Advantages of a database with model elements and views using them
  • SysML (approximately 1/3 of the seminar)
  • Comprehensive explanation of 9 different diagrams by means of many examples
  • Systems Engineering with SysML (approximately 2/3 of the seminar)
  • Introduces the methodology of “Harmony for Systems Engineering” by means of an overall example from automotive technology. All participants get a specification document with System Requirements and are guided through the process up to the development of a System Architecture
  • Outlook in direction to deepened topics

Target group

This seminar is directed towards software, hardware and system architects.



Experiences with architectures in a domain (e. g. Software, Mechanics, Electronics or Process Engineering).


Participants and duration

3 Days with exercises and project work / 12 Participants

Price on demand.

*Please note that we can only accept requests from a group size of at least 3 people. For individual requests we can put you on our waiting list

Possible costs for travel or accommodation are not included in this service. These costs have to be borne by the participant.

ITK Model-Based Systems Engineering

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