Secure Coding in C

Secure Coding in C



This training provides an overview of secure coding aspects and their interdependencies with security engineering processes. In order to convey why applying secure coding practices is important, the participants will be given examples to illustrate how attackers typically exploit software vulnerabilities. Based on this, secure coding practices as well as tools typically used to write secure C code are introduced. The training will be performed by two senior cyber security engineers who actively work in cyber security projects in the areas of medical, automotive, and industrial engineering.


Your benefit

This seminar conveys the following insight to you:

  • From the attacker’s vantage point: an understanding of how software exploits work
  • From the developer’s vantage point: an overview of secure coding guidelines such as CWE and methods such as static/dynamic code analysis
  • An overview of defensive mechanisms such as exploit mitigation techniques (EMT), input/output validation and side-channel attack prevention

Target group

The seminar is intended for developers. While the training focusses on the C language, most of the content can also be applied to other programming languages (e.g. C++). Thus, we encourage programmers of other languages to join as well.



Know-how on writing C code, on compiling C code and basic knowledge of software engineering processes are are required for participation.


Participants and duration

2 days incl. practical examples and exercises / Up to 12 participants

Price on demand.

*Please note that we can only accept requests from a group size of at least 3 people. For individual requests we can put you on our waiting list

Possible costs for travel or accommodation are not included in this service. These costs have to be borne by the participant.

ITK Secure Coding in C

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