Every Second Counts - in the Race and the Development

"Fast lap times and optimizing fuel economy are crucial in motorsports - goals that we reach by developing intelligent software and electronic components."

Implementing Complexity with Ease

The functionality in racing vehicles is continuously becoming more complex. This increases the number of electronic components as well as communications via different bus systems in the vehicle. With that in mind, every gram counts in motorsports. A challenge that we gladly accept. Conceptual weight-saving E/E architectures is one of our strengths as well as real-time communications.

Drive Rapid Development Cycles

Robust and reliable algorithms and electronic components – even under enormous time pressure, you can expect these from us. Using model-based methods and seamless, virtual environments, we provide new functions at an early stage of development – independent of the availability of real system components – without making any pit stops for test-specific adaptations. Check the interaction between individual components before testing on the racetrack – especially for distributed functionalities such as hybrid or gear shift strategies – it can be an enormous advantage.

Complying with Challenging Motorsports Regulations

The regulation of fuel consumption poses new challenges for race teams. In addition to engine performance and aerodynamics, now efficient energy management systems and intelligent control strategies can decide if you bring home a victory. With our experience in the development of energy recovery, battery management and hybrid systems (KERS), we can identify new ways and drive concepts for you and help you efficiently implement them.

Our Services

  • Hybrid Systems
  • Battery Management Systems
  • Energy Recovery Systems (KERS)
  • Operating Strategies
  • On-Board Power Management
  • Driving Dynamics Control
  • Telematics
  • Diagnostics and Data Management
  • Performance Simulation and Performance Analysis
  • Integrated Simulation Environments for Early Verification and Validation - Based on Measured Data or Course Simulations

Some of our Current Motorsport Projects

Formula E - Team ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport and ITK Engineering

Photo: ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport

Being exclusive software partner of the ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport team in the FIA Formula E Championship, ITK Engineering is developing the entire software package for the vehicles of Lucas di Grassi and Daniel Abt. In addition to the transmission management system, ITK develops the complete control of the powertrain – including the energy strategy and the battery management system, and the cockpit human-machine interface for display of energy data. ITK is responsible for the whole development cycle – from requirements engineering, through development, verification and validation as well as integration into the vehicle, to trackside support during test runs and racing events. Consistent application of a model-based development approach, as well as verification and validation in early development stages on ITK’s own HiL test benches (hardware-in-the-loop), enables the realization of new functions within the extremely tight development cycles typical in motorsports.

“In Formula E, the software and the powertrain must operate in total harmony, so that our driver can rely one hundred percent on everything – that’s the key to success in this racing championship. With ITK Engineering, we have the perfect partner alongside us – not just for developing the software, but also for continuous setting and ongoing development, as well as trackside support. In motorsports, reliability, precision and the spirit of innovation are required – values that ITK and ABT both share”, says Hans-Juergen Abt, managing director of ABT Sportsline.

A Strong Team - Audi Sport and ITK Engineering

As a technical partner, we've supported Audi Sport until 2016 during their development of the R18 e-tron quattro for years – the winning car of the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2012, 2013 and 2014. We were involved in various areas including the drivetrain algorithm design, energy management, vehicle dynamics, simulation, and verification and validation.

Reference Story

Intelligent energy management contributes again to the Le Mans success

22 percent less fuel was realized within a very short amount of time in the Audi R18 e-tron quattro racing car

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„Due to the tight schedule in motorsports, and the increasing complexity of vehicles, proper team collaboration and the expertise of each team member are becoming increasingly important. Our technical partner, ITK Engineering, has supported us in software development for drivetrains, hybrid systems, energy management and vehicle dynamics since 2012. The teamwork at ITK has been perfect – the employees work at the highest levels and are 100% reliable and committed – this is the only way we could achieve our ambitious goals”, said Chris Reinke, head of LMP Audi Sport.

Step 1 - A Passion and Commitment to Mountain Racing!

As part of an open network of more than 30 companies, we were involved in the development of a Mountain race car for the private initiative, Step 1 Project. Our contribution was to provide the entire E/E architecture - from conception and design of the wiring harness, to the networking of individual ECUs. In addition, we specifically developed vehicle ECU's for the collection, processing and analysis of race-specific data. ITK is dedicated to the development of extremely fuel-efficient drive systems in Motorsports. In a virtual environment, we can provide new features early - before you get to the racetrack.