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Off-Highway Vehicles: Ensuring work safety and productivity

Ecofriendly, safe, and efficient – this is what tomorrow’s mobile machines will have to be. These goals can be accomplished with greater connectivity and energy-efficient drives. As your engineering partner of choice, we can help you move towards these goals by developing end-to-end off-road solutions tailored to your needs.

Count on us to help you develop concepts and function-centered software. Call on us to verify and validate your vehicles’ features in the virtual and real worlds. Let us team up to build the innovative digital solutions of tomorrow.

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Developing customer-specific platforms and functions

Automation & environment detection

Mobile machine safety

Digital, connected farming

Cyber security for connected agriculture

3D Terrain Mapping Screen


3D terrain mapping: Intelligence on the rise in agricultural and construction machinery

The 3D terrain mapping technology developed by ITK Engineering marks an important step towards automated agricultural and construction machinery. It provides the means to reliably detect, analyze, and categorize objects, and trigger automated responses to obstacles and terrain features.




As a member of the DIGIECOQUARRY consortium, we have joined forces with partners to digitalize and automate processes in quarries. By developing a safe and reliable object detection system for quarries, we are doing our part to afford workers even better protection.

Agriculture and construction 4.0 Smart. Safe. Sustainable.

As a company committed to driving innovation, we champion the cause of a sustainable future for all. Our contribution to intelligent agricultural and construction machinery is all about increasing safety for people and machines and productivity for builders and farmers. We are impelling efforts towards digitalization and automation by making the most of state-of-the-art development solutions and technologies. Let us join forces to effect disruptive change in farming and construction and move forward to meet the future.

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Mobility – Off-Highway Vehicles

Tobias Rohr