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Every second counts – in motorsport racing and in R&D

Fast lap times and the success of efforts to optimize fuel consumption are crucial in motorsports. Several racing teams count on us, their technology partner, to help develop intelligent software and electronic components. And you can count on our state-of-the-art simulations to condense R&D into extremely short cycles to help you develop the right racing strategy with us.  

Motorsports are not just about automakers. Teams, circuit operators, venues, race promoters, fans, and reporters also matter, which is why perks like electric pit lanes, live telemetry data delivered to promoters via cloud-based systems, and fan apps are such a big part of the scene.

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Custom motorsports development

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Skills spanning many racing series

We adapt to your needs and challenges to bring our cross-racing experience to your project, be it Le Mans, Formula E, DTM, IMSA, Blancpain, Hill Climb races, or 2-Wheeler competitions.

Fahrendes Audi Sport Formel-E-Auto auf der Rennstrecke

Success story

Formula E: Team Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler’s technical partner

As Audi Sport’s partner of long standing, we have been supporting the team’s vehicular software development efforts since 2016. With the main thrust of our efforts devoted to model-based development, we are able to realize new functions within the confines of the exceedingly brief development cycles that are so common in motorsports.

Audi Rennsportwagen auf der Le Mans Strecke

Success story

Intelligent energy management contributes to another Le Mans victory

ITK provided the model-based development services and the virtual environment necessary to deliver, verify, and validate advanced functions for all test platforms (P, HiL and component test bench) – rapidly and without further adjustments required.


Ecosystem Aerospace

We support the energy transition with our intelligent software solutions and make an important contribution to the electrification of the aerospace sector. We rely on our decades of experience in the automotive sector and develop customer-specific solutions: from eVTOLS to rapid prototyping and hardware integration.

Together to victory Fitted. Faster. First.

The winning formula in motorsports is teamwork. All the gears – driver, vehicle, and the entire team – have to mesh. Rapidly develop new functions. Prepare properly in the virtual realm for real-world races. Coordinate driver training on a simulator. Optimize the energy strategy. This is all part of our mission to serve your needs. We too are drivers and innovators. Count on us to impel and inspire – in familiar racing situations and on unfamiliar terrain when we help put your new ideas into practice.

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Mobility – Motorsports

Christian Hoetterges