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Tailor-made systems for medical devices

Medical device, robot, virtual OR, or health cloud – as your engineering partner, we address every aspect of medical devices from hardware and embedded software to mobile cloud applications and data analytics with our interdisciplinary team.

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We have the skills, methods, and firm grasp of trends to implement innovative solutions with you. What sets us apart is that our interdisciplinary teams are able to deliver turnkey systems from a single source. Be it a single component, an approvable product, or anything in between, your destination is all yours to determine.

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Cyber-secure medical device in the hospital


Cyber security check list for secure medical devices

Cyber security is not some voluntary exercise, it is a non-negotiable essential of the healthcare system’s digital transformation. Find out which activities are essential to protect your medical device from cyber attacks.

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Wissenschaftlerin arbeitet in der Praxis mit Extended Reality Lösungen.


Virtual reality and augmented reality in healthcare

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) offer enormous potential to revolutionize healthcare. Already in the development of medical devices, virtual prototyping can reduce development risks, costs and development time.

Rettungssanitäter hält RescueNode in der Hand

Success Story

Lifesaver 4.0

RescueWave® enables rescue services to get a digital real-time picture of disasters and mass casualties. It rapidly conveys critical information about the number of victims and severity of injuries to the leading task forces. Medical care can then be provided that much faster. Every minute counts, particularly for the severely injured.


The connected OR

State-of-the-art operating rooms exhibit a high degree of connectivity both between individual medical devices and within the hospital’s IT systems. OR integration solutions offer significant benefits in terms of improving operating room efficiency, cutting costs, and reducing administrative overhead.

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Human-centered device development

Contrary to what many believe, this is not about cosmetics, about creating beautiful interfaces or sleek contemporary designs. It is about focusing on the core question: How do I build the product that it serves its purpose effectively and efficiently, yet still inspires and delights? Learn in our whitepaper what activities you should consider in the human-centered development process and how to engage real users right from the start.

Digital transformation in healthcare System development from a one-stop shop

As your engineering partner for tailor-made system development, we can help you turn your idea into an approvableproduct and provide continued support beyond its release. We value openness. We cultivate close relationships. And we are in this with you for the long term. Joining forces with you, we want to develop safe, connected healthcare solutions that benefit people and society as a whole.

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