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Illustration: Car with safety-critical applications and AI

Artificial intelligence in safety-critical automotive use cases

This whitepaper examines the impact of Artificial Intelligence on safety-critical applications in automated driving. It not only provides insights into the current developments of relevant standards and regulations but also focuses on various automotive aspects. Based on this, recommendations for handling AI in safety-critical use cases are derived.

Illustration: Achieving top marks and good ratings by focusing on added value and making customer centricity effective.

Putting value creation first for more impactful customer centricity

In this white paper, we examine what customer centricity means, what kind of value it creates, and ways in which companies can address this key issue. The implementation practices outlined here are based on lessons learned and proven approaches taken in customer projects.

Human-centered medical device development

Contrary to what many believe, this is not about cosmetics, about creating beautiful interfaces or sleek contemporary designs. It is about focusing on the core question: How do I build the product that it serves its purpose effectively and efficiently, yet still inspires and delights? Learn in our whitepaper what activities you should consider in the human-centered development process and how to engage real users right from the start.

Illustration: Programmierung in RUST

RUST – the next evolution in embedded software development

Not only the software complexity but also the validation processes become more complex. New solutions are needed to achieve efficiency as well as the necessary quality. One possible answer to this can be the use of a programming language like Rust. Learn in our whitepaper why Rust has the great potential to become the language of modern software development.

Illustration: Digitales Flottenmanagement

Master the energy transition with digital fleet management

With the energy transition and the requirements for saving CO2 and controlling air pollution, electromobility is becoming increasingly established. This transition to electric vehicles poses challenges and presents opportunities for fleet operators. Learn more about the digital twin as a possible answer to the challenges of the energy transition for fleets in our white paper.

Illustration: Entwicklung und Überprüfung von Software

Continuous x with software-in-the-loop methodology

This paper highlights the latest trend in software verification and validation research. It explains the actual possibilities to virtualize the system under test for software tests and explains steps towards off-premise testing solutions.

Illustration: Electric car charged at home with solar power

Future-ready neighborhood energy management

A decentralized energy supply in neighborhoods (as a form of structured urban development) enables largely self-sufficient and cost-effective operation – under the condition of intelligent planning and utilization. Discover in our white paper how software can be very beneficial during both the building and operating phases.

Illustration: Arzt arbeitet im OP-Saal

State-of-the-art software development in medical engineering

In software development, the path to a successful software release is generally anything but linear.  Runtime errors and security gaps detected too late but also obsolete tools and methods can become showstoppers. The whitepaper provides an overview of the most important ingredients for modern software development in medical technology.

Illustration: Auto fährt auf der Straße, Cloud am Himmel

From classic software integration to co-integration

The classic manual approach to software integration and validation is simply not up to the unprecedented challenges posed by increasing connectivity and automation. This why the transformation of software integration towards co-integration platforms is in full swing.

A modular test strategy for highly automated driving

Read more about a holistic and modular approach to a test strategy for highly automated driving functions in our whitepaper.

Illustration: Auto blinkt rechts

Requirements in the Loop – Frontloading your verification efforts

Learn how the “Requirements in the Loop” approach can make a significant contribution to project success by identifying errors at an early stage.

Localization Fundamentals for Highly Automated Driving

Read more about how to combine different localization approaches to increase reliability and availability of localization – especially in challenging situations such as in inner city environments.

Illustration: Medizinroboter operiert Mensch

Medical robotics: The journey from initial idea to finished product

Do you have a good idea for a robotic system and want to know how to turn it into a market-ready medical device? This white paper gives an overview of the essential requirements and development steps from the evaluation of the product idea to the CE mark.

Illustration: einfahrender digitaler Zug in den Bahnhof

Putting an Ear to the Track: Distributed Acoustic Sensing for Railway Use Cases

This whitepaper provides an overview of railway use cases for distributed acoustic sensing. It outlines the challenges in algorithm development and highlights potential solutions.

Intelligentes Auto über drei Vernetzungslinien mit der Cloud verbunden

Enabling Flexible Vehicle Architectures with AUTOSAR and DDS

Read more about how AUTOSAR and DDS work together to meet the demands of connected digital vehicles.

Discover our technical articles

ATZ heavy duty: Designing Hydrogen Tank Systems Holistically and Safely

Hydrogen plays a key role in the energy transition. The safe storage and controlled release of the gas represent enormous challenges in the design of the hydrogen tank system. Please read in this article from our experts how to optimally develop safety concepts for hydrogen tank systems.

Logo trade magazine ETR - Eisenbahntechnische Rundschau

ETR: Automated driving – development and validation through environment simulation

Proven methods from the gaming sector form the basis for generating synthetic sensor data from a variety of different optical sensor systems. In this German article Sebastian Wolter, Lead Engineer Data Driven Software and Christopher Walkowiak, Senior Manager Data Driven Software are showing how this simulated data can be used throughout the entire development cycle and contributes to bringing highly automated driving functions to the rail vehicles of the future.

Logo trade magazin electricar

electricar:  Digital, connected and innovative – electromobility on two wheels

The future of our mobility is undoubtedly electric. In this German article Christian Hoetterges, Head of Electromobility at ITK Engineering and Simon Opel, Executive Director Technology at mocci are talking about the relevance of two-wheelers play for the mobility revolution. And why intelligent software plays an important role.

Logo trade magazine ATZ elektronik

ATZelektronik: Facing Challenges Holistically

Digitalization in farming is becoming increasingly more important. This is reflected in the increased relevance of cybersecurity. Read more about challenges developers at OEMs and suppliers face in this interview.

Logo trade magazine ATZ

ATZextra: Data-driven Development in the Automotive Industry

Data plays a key role in a functioning mobility ecosystem. It is used in the ongoing operation of vehicles, as well as during development. The basis for this is data-driven development methods. ITK Engineering shows how they work using the example of emotion and fatigue detection, which will be mandatory from 2024.

Logo trade magazine AUTOSAR

AUTOSAR Anniversary Publication: Software-defined vehicle as an outgrowth of megatrends

The software-defined vehicle is an outgrowth of megatrends currently sweeping the globe – personalization, automated driving, connectivity, and electrification. Please read in this article how this is changing the way vehicles are engineered and how automakers are going to create value in the future.

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