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Smart healtchare solutions: Digital, secure and connected

Let us join forces to shape the things to come in healthcare technology. As a ISO 13485-certified engineering partner, we develop holistic healthcare solutions that bring everyone on board. And we aim for these solutions to be inclusive – digital, secure and connected.

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Partners on the path to your approvable medical product

Your ideas for innovative medical products are helping to move healthcare towards a bright digital future. Our Digital Health Microservices Platform saves you time and puts you on a surer path to turning your idea into an approvable medical product.

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ITK at the European Robotics Forum 2023

Prestigious customers in the healthcare sector have relied on us as a development partner for nearly 30 years now. And we would be equally delighted to help you put your ideas into practice. Stop by our booth and get to know us.

Shaping tomorrow’s healthcare technology together

Connected medical devices, medical apps, intelligent assistance systems, portable home care diagnostic solutions – the digital transformation is in full swing in the medical and healthcare sector. We tackle technological challenges with passion and enthusiasm to develop innovative medical products with you because we care about people’s health. As your partner for holistic systems engineering, we draw on the diversified skill-set of more than 130 specialists as a catalyst for inspiration and a solution-finder. With perfection, precision and passion at heart we’re shaping tomorrow’s healthcare technology.

Our areas of expertise

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Enhanced exchange of information in medical system development

The development of medical systems requires a continuous exchange of knowledge between the various disciplines and activities involved. However, development practice shows that the availability of relevant information is often limited by a lack of interfaces. In our latest meditronic journal article, you will learn how information flows can be improved in system development using the example of mechanics development.

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Unlock the power of advanced robotics

Our roots in robotics run deep with nearly 30 years to our credit. Time in which we wrote millions of lines of code for robotic assistance systems. Whether surgical robots, mobile platforms, or robotic support in nursing and rehabilitation – our robotics team inspires with its firm grasp of methods and technology know-how for individual system solutions that master every move.

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App on prescription

Digital health applications are apps as a medical device. In Germany, doctors can prescribe these apps to their patients if they are listed in the DiGA directory. The requirements for listing are stringent, so these have to be considered during development from day one.

Wissenschaftlerin arbeitet in der Praxis mit Extended Reality Lösungen.


Virtual reality and augmented reality in healthcare

These days, laboratories have a great responsibility to rapidly analyze samples and expediently deliver results. The key to managing complex processes, optimizing workflows, and boosting efficiency is to digitalize and automate diagnostics.

State-of-the-art software development in medical engineering

In software development, the path to a successful software release is generally anything but linear. Runtime errors and security gaps detected too late but also obsolete tools and methods can become showstoppers. The whitepaper provides an overview of the most important ingredients for modern software development in medical technology, shows how programming errors can be detected at an early stage and which added values can be generated by using the right tools and methods.

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Proven merits of quality work

ISO 13485

EN ISO 13485:2016

ISO 27001:2013

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

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Ansprechpartner Dr. Alexander Huber und Lutz Schuele


Dr. Alexander Huber, Lutz Schuele

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