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Verification & Validation: Mastering complexity beyond testing

Verification and validation involves more than just conventional testing. Today’s V&V also requires holistic test strategies and smart automated tests. With powerful methods to identify good test cases, we can detect errors early on and accompany you on the path to the right solution.

The venue for verifying and validating complex systems is changing from the real to the virtual world. The advantage of this virtualization is that errors can be identified and eliminated early in the development process.

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Virtual verification and validation of complex systems

Assuring system quality

Lean testing

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Environmental and sensor simulation

It’s not a game, but playing helps: How to verify and validate highly automated vehicles sensor data simulations based on computer graphics-related methods.

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Mastering complexity efficiently by means of a comprehensive test strategy

The increasing variety of variants, shorter development cycles, open interfaces as well as increasing complexity, but also new technologies place ever higher demands on testing. In the webinar, we explain the systematic creation of a comprehensive test strategy involving all disciplines.

Strategy- and automation-driven V&V across sectors

Verifying and validating innovative systems is complex, particularly for sophisticated automated driving systems and smart medical devices in hospitals. Take advantage of our many years’ experience, deep knowledge of methods, and ability to think outside the box. Let us work together to verify and validate your solution. Count on us to make the most of our holistic test strategies and smart automated tests. Conceptual design, requirements engineering, implementation – we have it all covered.

Requirements in the Loop – Frontloading your verification efforts

Learn how the “Requirements in the Loop” approach can make a significant contribution to project success by identifying errors at an early stage.

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