25+ years ITK Engineering

Evolving from a startup to an international corporate subsidiary, ITK has been instill intelligence in systems worldwide since 1994. Today we do this with a strong partner at our side, Bosch.

Software and systems development for mobility, manufacturing, and healthcare

An international software and systems engineering company with a firm grasp of development methods, ITK covers the entire range of tech from embedded systems to cloud computing. Customers at home and abroad in the automotive, off-highway, railway, medical engineering, motorsport, and manufacturing sectors enjoy the benefits of our tailoramde consultancy and development services.

Facts & Figures of ITK Engineering
Bernd Gohlicke und Dr. Frank Schmidt, ITK-Geschäftsführung

ITK remains a pioneer in model-based development. We have built on these competencies to include safety, cyber security, artificial intelligence, and image processing, and can now offer our customers end-to-end digital engineering solutions. Combining our solutions with flexible, agile, and customer-centric ways of working is how we enable digital transformation in diverse companies.

Dr. Frank Schmidt (to the right) and Bernd Gohlicke (to the left), board of management

ITK worldwide


ITK has ten sites in Germany. Our company employs 1,300 people worldwide, including our colleagues at five international locations and continue to grow internationally in the future.

ITK Gründer arbeitet im Kellerbüro


Strong roots that run deep

Since ITK was founded nearly three decades ago, our experts have drawn on a deep well of knowledge and a firm grasp of methods spanning the development continuum to deliver what our customer want: custom, synergetic solutions built on the best of our real-world experience in various lines of business and on our penetrating insight into standards.

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The people of ITK. What sets us apart