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Data Engineering, Artificial Intelligence & Computer Vision

Seamlessly integrate data solutions, artificial intelligence, and powerful computer vision systems to tap vast potential for innovation and boost efficiency in any industry.

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Data Governance

Rise to the challenges of the GDPR, the EU Data Act and the EU AI Act and tap the potential of your data: Trust our specialists to help you adopt the best data governance practices. Let these experts show you how to turn the requirements of the GDPR, the EU Data Act, and the EU AI Act into strategic advantages for your company. We are your go-to partner for everything from holistic strategy consulting to technical and organizational implementation.

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AI Assisted Engineering

Build efficient engineering processes powered by generative AI: You can count on us to advise you at every turn, from selecting the right tools to tailoring the integration of generative AI to your needs. And if you wish to implement custom AI solutions, we can help with that too. Harnessing the power of AI tech, we accelerate the ideation process and efficiently extract facts from knowledge bases via RAG (retrieval-augmented generation).  Our advanced AI models support requirements testing, while AI-assisted routines optimize code generation. And we take advantage of innovative AI-powered methods to create automated test cases.

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Reliable AI

The state-of-the-art drivers behind the wheel of many technologies, AI models are not some abstract concept. They have a concrete impact on our lives in areas ranging from autonomous driving to the assessment of human attributes. ITK Engineering has all the assets you need to put the provision of the AI Act and related standards such as ISO 8800 (Safety and artificial intelligence for road vehicles) into practice. Our experts excel at developing AI with safety-relevant properties in mind, and at implementing data lifecycles.

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Foundation Models

It takes a lot of labeled data to develop AI models for image processing applications and computer vision use cases. Unfortunately, it also takes a lot of time and money to generate this data.  On the upside, transfer learning has streamlined this process by using pre-trained models to slash the amount of training data needed to this end. Another way of lightening the data load is to use foundation models much like those that underpin generative AI such as ChatGPT. Having been exposed to massive amounts of data, these models possess the kind of generalized knowledge that allows them to be trained on new applications with just a few hundred data points. Let us bring the benefits of foundation models to your use cases.

Focus of our work

Integration of embedded AI on a microchip


The integration of AI algorithms into products poses challenges in terms of precision and real-time capability with limited computing resources. With our expertise, we provide support at every stage of development – from concept development and hardware and AI model architecture selection to optimization potential for precision and speed through to tailored deployment and quality assurance solutions.

Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) technology


Similar to an autopilot taking over the controls in an airplane, Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) allow data scientists to focus on development without having to manually monitor models. MLOps standardizes and streamlines integration into production environments, ensuring reliable operation and continuous improvement of ML applications. This ensures the effectiveness and efficiency of ML applications throughout their entire lifecycle.

Environmental perception with the eye and software


How do you teach a system, product, machine, or computer to perceive its surroundings? This is the pivotal question for people who develop perception systems. Engineers tasked to build powerful perception systems have to have a firm grasp of the full range of methods and the latest techniques. We have all that and more. Opt for our comprehensive range of services and the perception system you intend to develop will be sure to live up to your expectations.

Parcel transport system in the logistics center


Smart Packing: Faultless and efficient packing

Every day, millions of items are prepared for delivery in distribution centers. Checking for the right items and quantities can be time-consuming and prone to errors. This costs money and jeopardizes customer satisfaction. Choose our Smart Packing solution to reduce errors, eliminate inefficiencies, and increase productivity.

Image from a car simulation


Individual Virtual Environment and Sensor Simulation (iVESS)

Our development framework, based on simulation technology, can verify and validate sensors in realistic 3D environments. Whether in the automotive, industrial, or maritime sectors, iVESS can be used to tackle major customer-specific challenges relating to autonomous systems.

Spare part recognition and identification with cell phone picture


Automated spare parts identification with AI

When a production line grinds to a halt because of a faulty component, there is no time to be wasted finding the right replacement. Identifying that part can be tricky when the component has been contaminated, damaged, or is one of countless variants. Fortunately, AI can simplify and speed up the process of identifying spare parts unequivocally.

Exklusive Whitepaper

Data Act: The EU revolutionizes the data market – what you need to know

In this German whitepaper, ITK Engineering and the law firm SKW Schwarz summarize who is affected by the Data Act, what needs to be done and what timeframe needs to be considered.

Illustration: Regulations of the Data Act and its implications for the handling of product and service data from "connected products" and "connected services".
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The key to success – data-driven solutions tailored to fit

Our experts have put data-driven solutions into practice in diverse lines of business ranging from the automotive industry to manufacturing and medical systems engineering. This broad-spectrum experience has certainly firmed up their grasp of the latest methodologies. Drawing on this powerful set of synergies, deep domain expertise, and engineering skills, we develop standards-compliant solutions. And the solution tailored for you will be built in teamwork with you. Our tool- and product-independent approach lets you enjoy the benefits of unbiased advice and optimized engineering services tuned precisely to meet your needs.

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