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Your entry opportunities at ITK

Count on us to tailor an entry to your needs and support your personal career goals from the very beginning. Learn more about what we have to offer to suit your individual needs.

A young ITK student sitting cross-legged on a green sofa with a laptop


Immerse yourself in the world of digital engineering: Learn more about your career opportunities at ITK.

An ITK student and her tutor at work

Pupils at ITK

Are you still in school or have just recently graduated? Whatever you may be looking for – a pupil internship or a dual study program – we are looking for talents like you!

Up from the school desk and over to working life

Are you interested in future-ready professions and want to immerse yourself in the working world for up to two weeks? During your pupil internship, you will experience day-to-day working life up close, gain exciting insights into software development, and learn more about your career opportunities at ITK. With some hands-on tasks and a little help from us, you will also learn how to instill intelligence into machines! 
Do you want to study while advancing your professional career at a company from the very start? Then a dual study program is right for you. We offer you the perfect mix of theory and practice: Gain experience in various project teams during your studies and grow to become a driver of tomorrow’s innovations!

An ITK student and his tutor having a pleasant conversation


Digital and networked during your studies: Gain work experience while at university.

An ITK student and his tutor having a pleasant conversation

Students at ITK

Do you want to apply the theory you have learned? Join our team, grow, develop your skills, and establish contacts that are worth their weight in gold upon graduation.

Networked during your studies

Our diverse offers for students include various opportunities to achieve career goals, from internships and working student jobs to final thesis and doctorate programs. Your internship or activities as a working student afford you the opportunity to put into practice the theoretical knowledge you have acquired. You will work independently on specific tasks, thereby extending competencies and honing your soft skills. Working hours will be defined by mutual agreement to strike the right balance between personal, professional, and academic life. Your research topics and innovative ideas are best realized in a final thesis. Our PreMaster Program offers you an excellent opportunity to gain valuable experience between Bachelor’s and Master’s programs and achieve your first successes in the professional arena.

A young ITK employee talking to a colleague


The future starts here: Connect today’s chances with tomorrow’s opportunities. 

Two young ITK employees talking in Open Space

Young professionals at ITK

Have you completed your studies and are now looking to enter the professional world? Then launch your career at ITK. Let us join forces to inspire and delight with future-ready technologies!

Driving innovation with passion and power

You will get to know ITK, your team, and our workflows during your personalized induction. You will be off to a running start into your first project as soon as you have been brought on board. With the support of an experienced project team, you can get involved right from the beginning and continue to grow as you go. On-the-job training is supplemented with continuing professional development of both a technical and social nature. Your team leader will be there to advise you on important steps along the way. At our company, you will have a say in determining the course of your professional career from day one. Our transparent career model sets out clear prospects for you and gives you the opportunity to follow your path in a flexible way. The same goes for your preferred working time model, which we can adapt to suit your circumstances. Together, we will keep our eyes on your goals!

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Take on responsibility: Contribute your skills to forward-looking projects.

Two experienced ITK employees having an excited conversation

Professionals at ITK

Do you want to play a decisive role in steering tomorrow’s projects? Seize the opportunity to take a leap up the career ladder and drive game-changing projects for international companies.

Driving groundbreaking projects

At ITK, you can help shape our innovations from day one. We are looking for people with technical skills; people who are passionate about bringing their ideas to fruition. Do you see your strengths more in leading and developing team members? Then take responsibility for employees as a leader. We will support your efforts to achieve your career goals. Whatever career path you wish to take, we will coordinate your personal roadmap with you.

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Your future at ITK Engineering

Working independently, learning from one another, and growing together. Find the job that suits you and your skills.