Refreshingly different: What you can expect from us as a Solutions Provider and Development Partner

"Sustainable solutions and long-term business relationships with our customers and employees perfectly align with our idea of cooperative partnership. We clearly separate ourselves in the market as an engineering services provider. We are confident that this 'difference' moves us forward together."

What We Consult on, Can Be Realized - By You or Us

ITK not only stands for “Ingenieurgesellschaft für technische Kybernetik” (Engineering Company for Technical Cybernetics), ITK also stands for technical expertise, passion for innovation and flexibility – since 1994. Regardless of whether we develop a complete system for you or if we support you as a development partner – your needs are our priority. Only then can we achieve our goal: to inspire you. 

In our consulting projects and seminars: What we advise, we can also provide. What this means for you: You get everything from one source, and you can be sure that our recommendations, not only sound good in theory, but can also be implemented.

Our portfolio is rounded out by products for automation and increase in efficiency in your development. Products which we adapt specifically to your individual project environment.

By the way: All of our services incorporate the latest technology from our research collaborations and our internal innovation management. In the end, it’s our ambition that with us, you will be a step ahead.

Why is ITK not an Engineering Services Provider but refreshingly different?

Well, we are ...

... oriented differently

We take a direct path to the solution – no loops, detours, or dead ends. Your ideas are the ones that count. So we accompany you from idea to product. Of course, work contract compliant.

... structured differently

Working across departments is a standard operating procedure for us, along with active networking within science and industry. Your benefit? You get the latest knowledge from a single source.

... organized differently

Innovations grow internally, with or without outside service contracts. You reap the benefits as soon as we kick off your project – that’s a given.

… positioned differently

Satisfied employees remain loyal. They support customer satisfaction through stability, reliability and know-how – permanently and sustainably.

... thinking differently

Quality is at the forefront of our employees' minds – not just in handbooks. The results? Of the highest quality and traceability.