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Connected Mobility as an experience

Innovative and connected functions from the fields of information, safety, entertainment, and comfort are revolutionizing today’s mobility. As your engineering partner, we help you master technological challenges and realize your visions for the future – from initial idea to verification and validation.

This connected functionality is not only found within the vehicle but may also extend far beyond. As your engineering partner, we develop innovative solutions for the future – to provide enhanced safety and comfort and to increase the feel-good factor.

Infographic: portfolio in regards to connected mobility

Our services

The interior of the future – the vehicle as a third living place

Automotive health: the vehicle as healthcare consultant

Smart lighting for enhanced safety and comfort

Connected solutions across different domains

Licht-Projektion an der Garage: Welcome Home

Success Story

Ambient lighting outside the vehicle

Animated lighting effects establish a rapport between a vehicle and passengers as they approach. Using agile development methods, we have developed a smart light function for this purpose.

Intelligente Sitze in einem autonomen Fahrzeug


The interior of the future

Whether providing entertainment or a creating a quiet working atmosphere – the vehicle interior of the future will offer many different ways to make good use of travel time.

Realizing future visions for a range of industries

The consumer’s desire for ever more features is increasing the pressure to innovate. With our ideal mix of industry know-how and wealth of experience in function development, we bring a new dynamic and help you realize your innovative visions for the future. Agnostic with respect to platform and tools, we develop cutting-edge solutions tailored to customer requirements – focusing all the while on cyber security and functional safety for safety-critical systems.

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Roland Prügel

Mobility – Connected Mobility

Roland Pruegel