Smart engineering for railway technology: Digitalized. Model-based. Certified.

Ensuring high availability, increasing software share, handling safety-critical applications – these challenges loom large for the rail sector. As a smart engineering partner, we work with you to rise to the occasion and deliver digital, future-ready solutions for operators, system houses, and component manufacturers.

Our focus topics

Whatever your unique challenge may entail, we provide everything from consulting to system implementation services to help you tackle that task and drive railway transportation’s digital transformation.

– Requirements-based development
Cyber security
Modular software platforms
Smart maintenance
– Model-based systems engineering
– System concept
Safe, precise localization

Focus topics in the railway technology

Vorbereifahrender Zug mit illustrierten Software-Bausteinen

Modular software platforms are driving the digital transformation of railways. They provide the tools to manage product versions and variants, and optimize development time and costs with certification in mind.

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Increasing connectivity, digitalization and standardization mean that rail transport is increasingly vulnerable to attacks. A holistic security strategy is crucial. We support throughout the entire development process and ensure the holistic integration of cyber security.

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Electric passenger train. Very fast driving. journey and travel concept. 3d rendering

Data analytics and artificial intelligence serve to tap dormant data potential and put capabilities such as condition-based maintenance and predictive maintenance into practice.

Our services

Safety-critical software and systems engineering

Proven mastery over methods

CENELEC-compliant development

Digital solutions for rail vehicles and infrastructure

Magnetic Railway Onboard Sensor (MAROS) auf dem Prüfstand am KIT


Magnetic Railway Onboard Sensor

With the Magnetic Railway Onboard Sensor (MAROS), we enable precise, continuous, and safe localization up to SIL4 as well as odometry unaffected by slipping and sliding.

A train pulling into the station with a person on a tablet checking the train's software

Success Story

Sensors4Rail: Development of a machine learning operations pipeline

Discover how, in collaboration with our sister company Bosch Engineering GmbH, we’ve developed an machine learning operations (MLOps) pipeline in the Sensors4Rail project, providing a standardized and scalable solution for the entire machine learning toolchain.

Electric passenger train. Very fast driving. journey and travel concept. 3d rendering

Success Story

Smart maintenance with the ITK Data Lab Framework

Exploiting potential from unused data – a use case for automatic defect detection and predictive maintenance has been validated with our Data Lab Framework. This support puts our customer on the fast track to smart maintenance.

MTU PowerPack Hybrid

Success Story

Managing complexity and product variants with modular software platforms built to CENELEC standards

Seeking to optimize lifecycle costs and deliver software that will remain viable for many tomorrows to come, we developed standards-compliant, modular control software for a drive system.

Innovation on the track Digitalized. Model-based. Certified.

Climate-friendly, sustainable, connected, and safe, railways set the standard for greener mobility. This sector is rising to the global challenges posed by climate change and congested traffic. Operators, system houses, and component manufacturers alike benefit from our many years’ experience in the railway industry. As your partner for smart engineering, we draw on our cross-sector expertise in system and software development to deliver innovative solutions for digitalized rail service. Let us join forces to give shape to a more climate-friendly future in mobility.

Putting a sharp ear to the track: Distributed acoustic sensing in rail

This whitepaper provides you with an overview of various railroad use cases for Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS). It outlines the challenges of developing algorithms and highlights potential solutions.

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