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Your ideas for innovative medical products are helping to move healthcare towards a bright digital future. As your ISO 13485-certified engineering partner, we are here to help you put these ideas into action. We overcome regulatory hurdles and fast-track your time to the healthcare market with standards-compliant development.

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When it comes to developing medical devices, there is no such thing as an off-the-shelf solution, yet predeveloped components can be used when systems integration and verification are assured. That’s why our proven Digital Health Microservices Platform is the go-to solution for your tailor-made health applications. It bridges the gap between health data and digital health applications, and we will combine and tailor our services flexibly to your specific requirements.

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Digital health applications (DiGA)

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App on prescription

Digital health applications are apps as a medical device. In Germany, doctors can prescribe these apps to their patients if they are listed in the DiGA directory. The requirements for listing are stringent, so these have to be considered during development from day one.

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Success Story

Flexible and secure into the cloud

What does it take to make complex system architecture for a medical device highly scalable, flexible, and secure? A digital health startup asked us to develop a modular microservice infrastructure that can be hosted on-premises or in the cloud. We delivered the goods.

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Securely connecting medical devices and leveraging data potentials

Connected medical devices provide a wealth of operating data for analysis. They serve to collect, evaluate, and exploit specific data for a wide range of use cases. These data are not only a boon for device manufacturers; they are also a must-have for post-market surveillance as the requirements for this monitoring have become far more stringent since the MDR came into force. So how can medical devices be securely, and what can and cannot be achieved with the help of data analytics?

A digital success story in the healthcare market From consulting and development to certification

When we set out to develop digital health applications, mobile medical apps, and the like, we do it with a passion for innovation, laser-like focus on results, and lean but standards-compliant processes. As your engineering partner for digital health innovations, we take cyber security, data protection, and regulatory issues into account right from the start. This way, nothing will deter your successful market launch.

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