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Developing complex software and systems

The pressure to innovate in the digital realm is mounting. Some of the more daunting challenges ahead involve developing complex algorithms, real-time-enabled architectures, and model-based platforms. Our company has the systems and software engineering skills and tools required to rise to these challenges. Our experts help you develop complex solutions and port your idea to the production line.

Our services

Requirements engineering

Model-based system architecture

Hardware/ software quality assurance

Software development

Software integration

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Audits & Assessments

Assessments and audits are necessary to ensure that safety-relevant systems are developed in compliance with standards. We are looking forward to support you with your Safety and Security audits and assessments and provide certified, experienced auditors and assessors. 


State-of-the-art software development with the ITK CI/CD toolchain

Delivering premium software that rises to the demands of increasing complexity, critical safety standards, very agile projects, and fast release cycles takes some doing. We do it with our TÜV-certified CI/CD toolchain, developing safety-critical software for all sectors with the agile touch.

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Success Story

Rescue Wave®

RescueWave® enables rescue services to get a digital real-time picture of disasters and mass casualties. It rapidly conveys critical information about the number of victims and severity of injuries to the leading task forces. Medical care can then be provided that much faster. Every minute counts, particularly for the severely injured.

Mastering complexity across industries by means of methodology expertise

Developing complex software and systems while satisfying the opposing demands of high quality and fast time to market is quite the challenge. With a firm grasp of methods and deep insight into a wide range of sectors, we deliver tailored software and system solutions to you with all IP and other rights included. As an engineering partner, we will assist you in every project phase, across every sector, and always in line with your development status. We work independently of platforms and tools. With best-practice agile methods and process protocols to guide us, we keep your project on track for compliance.

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From classic software integration to co-integration

The classic manual approach to software integration and validation is simply not up to the unprecedented challenges posed by increasing connectivity and automation. This why the transformation of software integration towards co-integration platforms is in full swing.

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