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Do you have questions about the general application process or specific job opportunities? Find the answers in our FAQs.

General questions



General questions about applying to ITK

What is the best way to apply?

How does the application process work at ITK?

What documents should my application include?

What does a promising application look like?

To whom do I address my cover letter?

Is there an application deadline?

May I apply for more than one job?

May I apply for a job that is no longer listed?

May I apply as a freelancer? 

Are there any jobs where I can work remotely 100 percent of the time? 

Why does it sometimes take longer to get a response to an application?

I applied for several jobs and received a rejection. Does this mean all applications have been rejected?

Why was my application rejected?

How sensitively does ITK treat my personal data?

Internships, working students, and final thesis

How do I apply?

Which fields of study are in demand?

What requirements must I meet?

How does the application process work at ITK?

What does a promising application look like?

What types of student internships do we offer?

Can I do a voluntary internship after I graduate?

How long is an internship?

How long does it take to complete a thesis?

Will I receive financial support for an internship or a final thesis?

When can I start my internship/ final thesis?

Is there a chance that I will be employed after completing my thesis?

Internships for pupils and dual study programs

Which departments offer internships for pupils?

What does the selection process look like?

How do I apply for a pupil internship?

What requirements must I meet to be accepted for an internship?

How long is an internship for pupils?

Which locations offer pupil internships?

Will I be paid for a pupil internship? 

How long does a dual study program take?

How do I apply for a dual study program?

Is there a chance that I will be hired after completing a dual study program?

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HR Recruiting

Hatice Kürtül