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As your partner for digital transformation, we provide a truly holistic set of technical and consulting services – from smart drug delivery devices and data analytics to digital health apps that we develop and can even operate for you.

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Smart drug delivery

Quick recovery hinges on a personalized regimen where the patient takes the right medication in the right amount and at the right time. We develop connected drug delivery devices for the pharmaceutical sector to improve compliance and adherence.


Digital therapeutics

We teamed up with research partners to develop a personalized, app-based assistance system to treat people with bipolar disorders. It helps patients through the day and provides doctors with indications supporting the ongoing therapy.

Digitalization in the pharmaceutical industry From apps to smart medical devices

Patients first: Medical apps, wearables, other new digital solutions combined with data analytics can help doctors better understand patients and tailor treatment to their needs. Pooling our resources with yours, we develop innovative digital solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

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