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Diagnostics  4.0

As your engineering partner, we are here to expedite your efforts to develop standards-compliant diagnostic solutions for the laboratory, point-of-care, and home care. To this end, we draw on innovative technologies and methods, and take a big-picture view that extends beyond the application to encompass risk management.

Together we make diagnostics even smarter!

One great challenge in diagnostics is to accurately analyze vast amounts of data. The other is to deliver the results quickly and securely to where they are needed. #Automation and #digitalization help to make reliable diagnoses and communicate them target-oriented – in medical practices, labs, hospitals, research facilities, and wherever patients happen to be. With nearly 30 years’ experience as a software and systems development partner, we have broad knowledge in this exciting and dynamic arena.

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Standards-compliant development of diagnostic solutions

Connecting information

Automating processes

Data science & analytics


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Success Story

Simplifying complex work processes

How do you efficiently monitor a multitude of devices with complex functions? We developed a customer-specific software solution for laboratory equipment that enables intuitive management and execution of measurement and control tasks on a modular user interface.

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Lab 4.0

These days, laboratories have a great responsibility to rapidly analyze samples and expediently deliver results. The key to managing complex processes, optimizing workflows, and boosting efficiency is to digitalize and automate diagnostics.

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Success Story

Detecting anomalies in ECGs with the help of artificial intelligence

Joining forces with Hacarus, a Japanese start-up, we developed a proof of concept for a personalized patient monitoring system serving to evaluate ECG signals. This system not only detects abnormalities in real time; it also enables comparisons with what would be expected to be a normal curve.

Automating and digitalizing diagnostics System development from a one-stop shop

Embedded laboratory devices, robotic assistance systems, portable POCT products, remote patient monitoring devices, digital diagnostics – we provide the full range of software and system development services for a wide range of platforms. And all this is delivered to you from one trusted source. Let us jointly take diagnostics to a new level.

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