Aerial Car Top View Factory Digitalization Concept: Automated Robot Arm Assembly Line Manufacturing High-Tech Electric Vehicles. AI Computer Vision Analyzing, Scanning Production Efficiency.

Digital engineering for manufacturing companies

Teaming up with you to develop tailored digital manufacturing solutions – this is our mission, and we pursue it from the inceptive idea to the connected product. We also support your efforts towards digital business transformation.

Person, die smarte Textile an der Kleidung hat

Smart Textile

Our developers turn ideas for smart textile solutions into mass-manufactured products. Based on Bosch’s patented integration and housing design and optimized for various use cases, these solutions are a symbiosis of flexible substrates and high tech.

Shaping tomorrow’s manufacturing together

As digital natives, our response to mega-trends in manufacturing is to come up with new solutions and holistic concepts. We not only develop components and end-to-end systems; we will also be happy to advise you on how to put digital business models and innovative technologies into practice. With a firm grasp of methods and tools, we support and empower you throughout the development process. Innovative, customer-centric, and agile.

Our areas of expertise


Agile development processes

Develop premium software to tame growing complexity while satisfying the demands of safety-critical applications? Defy the pressure of fast release cycles to deliver software with great agility? This is a tall order to fill. We rise to the occasion with state-of-the-art agile development assets such as the continuous integration/ continuous delivery toolchain developed by our experts at ITK.

Mensch bedient Roboter mit einem Tablet


The retrofit transparency kit

Do you want to make connectivity work for you at a reasonable cost? Are you having trouble analyzing bottlenecks on the production line? With the right choice of hardware, software, and methods, we can quickly achieve that goal with you in a collaborative, concerted effort.

Wasserstoff Station


The hydrogen ecosystem

Hydrogen and fuel cells are key technologies for clean, safe, and affordable energy. The hydrogen ecosystem’s vast potential is perceptible even at a cursory glance. Together, we can spot and seize your best business opportunities along the hydrogen value chain. Our holistic insight as a solution provider extends to every corner of this ecosystem, from energy production and manufacturing to mobility and heating.

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